10 EDC Items ALL Men Should Own! (My Everyday Carry 2020)

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  1. Alpha, love the new GMT, do you still have the Yachtmaster aka "Alpha's baby"? Do you find the new GMT heavy? beautiful watch!

  2. the all rose gmt is a grail you dawg

  3. Hey, I noticed that you were carrying your Benchmade Griptilian there on your left hand side but with the right hand pocket clips. As an old crkt guy myself I know why you probably started doing that with that little M16. Might not be able to reverse the pocket clip on that thing. The nice thing about the Benchmade Griptilian is that it is 100% ambidextrous. That means that you can switch the pocket clip onto the opposite side of the handle and have the identical user experience that a person with right handedness gets with most knives. Just a thought.

  4. Man, that ring story did it for me. Not into bracelets, fancy sunglasses, or expensive watches, but that ring has over 9,000 alpha-soul power.

  5. Yeah yeah you just use pixel phone (just to make google happy) , you don’t have to say it so loudly, #RudeAlpha

  6. I'm surprised on how financially smart this man is, I need more knowledge, thank you.

  7. 3:23 "i use this all the time" XD

  8. You are wearing Rolex and sell us Vincero ?

  9. I use a pen as a weapon, dead ass

  10. ohhh I thought you will be wearing MVMT watch someone once said it's better than a rolex lol

  11. You can ask benchmade to send you a deep carry clip and it will sit a bit deeper and more concealed in your pocket

  12. dude there is nothing macho about you, i'm pretty sure you puff peter.

  13. i waisted 10 min of my life i never get back ..lol name of the video should be" avoid those 10 items" gold rolex ? please dont make me laugh..lmao

  14. The enemys look cool but waay to expensive

  15. Ya, that cute shiny bracelet is real "macho".

  16. Title should have been what a girl keeps in her purse! I was waiting for him to take out a tampon?

  17. You gotta be kidding me.

  18. A bangle is not “macho”

  19. Nice person . He speaks so fast and non-stop . Wonder where gets his energy from.

  20. Here's an idea: "Real men do whatever tf that they feel like." To be fair, I cant leave the house without doing the '3-pat check' 1. Phone 2. Wallet 3. Keys I also carry a checkbook wallet for the checkbook that I dont have. I was born in the 90s. I'm not living in the 90s

  21. I knew he didn't actually like MVMT watches and when he showed off the Root beer GMT, it was confirmed. Nice watch.

  22. Now, hold on stepdad Alpha… do you know how to sharpen a knife?

  23. what are your earring made of ?

  24. "We also have a pair of enemy 28, these are.." 😀

  25. Should add some hand lotion to that edc. ?

  26. A real man never lets someone else sharpen their knife.

  27. Do pete and pedro deliver to the uk?

  28. You forgot your tampons

  29. License picture be like: ?

  30. That watch looks incredible.

  31. My EDC is usually pocket lint lol

  32. wears sparkly rings and bracelets "its very macho"

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