2017 EDC Backpack and on body Everyday Carry – Laptop bag, survival, Ebags Professional Slim Review

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EDC or Everyday Carry is something that people just love watching. In this video I quickly cover my on-body EDC, and then my everday carry Backpack – which is a laptop bag that has some tech gear, survival gear, gun gear, and a lot of just regular items. Not a ton…


  1. Love your channel can you reach out to me please.


  3. I have that backpack and absolutely love it. Great idea for the small packs. I have maxedition edc pouches like that to .. Great idea for the ONE no TCA carry. can just take it out and go. I use this backpack everyday on our travels in our RV across the country. Thank yo for sharing. Come follow the adventure on our channel. Just subbed.

  4. Could you send me a patch. I'm a huge fan
    I just bought a Leatherman skeleton tool. For my edc. Thanks to you.

  5. It's amazing how there are places on earth where you can just carry a handgun, just because lol 🙂

  6. I have this bag and have been struggling with the amount of space and I've been considering another/bigger one. Your video really helped me. Thanks. Subscribed.

  7. Would this be a good school bag?

  8. Do you still use this bag? If so, how has it held up. Reviews on Amazon have me questioning. Thanks

  9. That backpack looks like it made out of a wool blanket?

  10. What Brand and Model jacket are you wearing? It's badass

  11. The EDC stuff actually starts around 5:49

  12. I really like how many pockets is in that! I have one of those kangaroo purse things to organize some of my stuff and be removeable to then get to my thing of meds and other stuff at the bottom. I need to carry a backpack as I have a service dog and having a purse with a service dog isn't possible but none of them have organized mesh pockets like that top one on the front you showed. Most are just deep pockets and none have those organized pockets. How much was that backpack? Edited to add: I should have clicked on the link before asking. My bad lol! 100 buck isn't too bad though a bit out of my price range right now its now on my Amazon wish list! Thanks!

  13. I'm the guy who always has everything too. I really want the Vertx gamut, but could never afford it. Btw everyone experiences a slump now and again. Just keep pushin.

  14. Nice backpack, looking forward to the edc.

  15. Cant find those prinston lights anwhere

  16. This seems to be the divorce video… sorry it happened man, hope things are better

  17. Do you still use this bag after a year?

  18. another great video of you and good to know you’re ok now!
    Thanks for this review as I was looking for a work backpack (Vertx is even more expensive in the EU) which will go on a plane frequently and I think this is it.
    Perhaps a good idea to add some amazon affiliate links or a general one for Europe?

  19. what is the total weight with and without laptop?

  20. Found this helpful site that lists 10 of the best EDC backpacks: http://www.bestbags.co

    Not surprised to see Topo Designs and Mission Workshop among the highest rated! Have had Topo's Klettersack for a little over 2 years now and has held up like a charm. 100% BIFL worthy. Some decent deals on amazon as well!

  21. Where did you get the skin for you laptop?

  22. Is that a forged carbon table it looks lit

  23. hahah hairband and tampon in the organizer. #boyfriendlife (#husbandlife in your case)

  24. jesus fuck you do a lot of self promotion. talk about the product and keep the vids short.

  25. I work in the Tech industry myself, and I live downtown Chicago, so I've been looking for a good urban EDC bag…. I think this just might fit the bill. Great video, very useful

  26. You said when you take the little black pouch out with the fix blade, that you can take it on a plane. What about the bulletproof panel?

  27. How come not a box of ammunition

  28. If I remember correctly, carrying a "tactical tourniquet" in the event you have to use your gun defensively will get you accused of man saluter at best in a court trial. Makes it easy for a lawyer to make the, "he was looking for someone to shoot!" case. Just something I was advised of during CC lectures. Maybe try keeping it in your car with a full emergency car kit. Much better story that way. EDC belts make sufficient tourniquets anyway.

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