2018 EDC Everyday Carry – WRANGLERSTAR

EDC Everyday Carry. Being well prepared for everyday task. Wranglerstar.

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  1. That Pro Media Gear deal would be a great tool tether if it were strong/cheap enough.. hey tool developers, get on that.

  2. Wranglerstar, I am curios as to why you haven't ever decided to carry a multitool? Something like a Leatherman Wave+.

  3. I always told myself I would never wear or use a handkerchief. Some 5 years ago I got one to put over my face while cutting dry lawns. Here I am 5 years later I don't leave my house without one.

  4. Best edc knife hands down is the Microtech socom elite! Prove me wrong! ???

  5. Looks like you've been watching the watchfinder channel judging by the style of this video.

  6. Cr123 are sold everywhere. Where on earth do you live where there are no walmarts, no sporting stores, no internet connection, no mailing address, no way to plug in your flashlight. Huh. Guess the AA thing is 100% pur nostalgia.

  7. Honestly I have so many knives and I always just find myself carrying my swiss army, does anybody have any experience with the one hand opening models?

  8. Perfect ending. I was wondering if you were going to have a bottle of loc tight.

  9. Ive never understood why someone would need a dedicated flashlight on them on a daily basis. The light in my iphone is enough to suffice.

  10. Mai I ask you: why do you carry a gun? And have you ever use it?

  11. Can't find the S1A Baton flashlight on Amazon or Olight's site. They all try to push the CR123 and/or rechargeable battery. I don't want to deal with charging my flashlight. Oh well…

  12. I work at home Depot, and we carry the CR123 batteries.

  13. No joke, had a scoutmaster who had by far the biggest wallet I’ve ever seen. It was a little more that 2 inches thick. It was so full and stretched with cards it was like a cartoon. He’s a great guy but he needs a smaller wallet.

  14. If you wear the lady jeans, you gotta start carrying your gear around in a purse. Those tiny pockets don't hold anything!

  15. I LOVE my single, triple A Brinkman!

  16. Resurrecting the comment thread…… What are you replacing the S1A Baton with now that Olight has dumped the AA light these days??

  17. Cody’s a crip. Confirmed. You can’t hide young blood. Lmk outside soowoop ???

  18. Not so much as a thick wallet. The theif with a razor blade can relive you of that lump In the pocket. . Costly

  19. With the different color watch bands you can match your skinny jeans.

  20. Talk about having rich asshole

  21. Hi Cody, I agree still to this day, June 2019, on the 940.

  22. Added a hankerchief to my life and it's been revolutionary!

  23. you carry 1500 dollars in your wallet?

  24. I never understood why guys wear watches. I Know approximate time in my head. If I need to know exactly, I have a cell phone. If cell phone doesn't work, clock in car, on bike, or store.

  25. And I thought I carried around a lot with just a phone, keys, wallet, lighter and cigarettes.

  26. I useto carry a light but then i just download an app for my phone and is a really good light and rechargable and last a long

  27. Is it the time for the spring 2019 EDC video?

  28. My Dad became a new hip a decade ago. The doctor told him it could be caused by sitting on his wallet through all his years. I was around mid 20 this time and since the I carry a slim wallet in the front pocket. 🙂 I also carry a S1A since 4 years and it rocks. Eventually I change to a S1R because I now own a 18650R from light (don't remember the exact name but it has the olight charger…) My go to knife is a Baker FR 42 or a Bugout 😀
    Keep coming these vids, greetings from Germany!

  29. Hello sir ,I know this video is a year old ,but please respond if you read this. I am very interested how Swedes older woman (no offence for this "older woman) reacts on your 50 guns? 🙂
    I am from Europe ,half of the country here ,even police cant carry a gun ,only taizer 🙂 and as far as I know ,none of country alows you to carry a pistol or let alone something else outside.And 2 years in jail if you have knife with over 4 inch blade 🙂
    We are alowed to have hunting rifles and pistols inside of a house ,but you have to have gun safes and so on and so on …

  30. That is one beefy watch

  31. Keeps a blue flag hangin out his left side

  32. You carry a lot ?.. I felt exhausted watching this lol.. I could see keeping a flashlight and everything in your truck but all that all the time seems like a lot especially when phones have a flashlight for simple tasks

  33. Wrangler out here crypin

  34. “Not that I’m affiliated with any gangs or anything”

  35. Does anyone know of a similar wallet design I can purchase myself? I own one which has a magnetic clip instead of the strap his has and hate it, would much prefer this.

  36. I have a Olight M2R Warrior

  37. Have you seen the sog kilowatt? I'm an electrician and that is the absolute best knife I found so far to be able to cut strip wires and also cable

  38. Try the pelican 1920 light… it carried me through hurricane Michael when we were weeks without power. My surefire batteries ran out quick but the pelican runs AA and it saved me… I’ve ordered two more. If you send me you address I’ll send you one and a Florida hat.also I had about 20 benchmade dating back to the Emerson Benchmade automatics…e-mail me for info @ [email protected]

  39. I almost choked when you said skinny jeans!!!

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