5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Backpack — Full Review | Military, Outdoor, Everyday Carry (EDC) Backpack

Check out my video review on my main everyday carry (EDC) backpack that I use for both work and travel. I’ve purchased both the Rush 12 and the Rush 72 from Amazon.com (links below).

The Rush 72 bag can fit most any role including being an edc bag, military backpack, tactical backpack, outdoor…


  1. way to much lead in intro for binge watching

  2. The only draw back to this pack is the hip belt. It isn't all that. I found a solution!!! For $20 on Amazon you can get the CONDOR GEN2 BATTLE BELT. It attaches right to the existing hip belt perfectly through the Velcro flaps on the battle belt. I use mine regularly for miles at a time. Ranging from 35-50lbs of gear. And I am 6'2 265

  3. How do you justify wearing a Bugout bag everyday but then rock some loafers.

  4. You can put an armor plate in the water bladder compartment, especially useful if you have the one shoulder bag with the ccw compartment.

  5. rush 24 or rush 72 what to buy???? 72 is a little big
    24 dont have the retention straps

  6. Where did you get the custom morale patch?

  7. I use the all hazards prime bag. Its the most durable bag i have ever owned. I can easily store over 100lbs in it. (Not that i would carry that much) quickly attach any of my rifles, hydration pack, 60L or 80L storage (cant remember) TONS of mali webbing (probably spelt that wrong. Handles on every side are easily accessable and always out of the way when you dont need them. Check it out

  8. One tip is don’t open the bag by pulling the main compartment open.

  9. Looks like the black mili from Apocalypse Rising lol

  10. Great video and a really good review of the bag. Stay safe out there. Scott

  11. I like this bags lay out much more then the Red Rock diplomat pack. They are running about the same liter volume at 54-55 and made out of 600 denier. I have had the Red Rock but the lay out of this bag is a plus……go 5.11

  12. good content Sir, keep em' coming. useful reminders and great review cb

  13. Anyone know where i can get a customized name patch?

  14. wow, I need this pack for bugout

  15. is there anybody over 6'0 using this pack? Is it still usable as a bob or hiking pack for you? I'm 6'3 And should get this tomorrow. really, really hope I can still use this pack because it looks very usefull/awesome.

  16. Cool! what would you like to get out of it?

  17. I found an original 5.11 Rush 72 at a flea market for $15, my best find ever

  18. I also have both the 12 and the 72. Love the design, durability and versatility. Sadly the hip belt on the 72 is useless unless you're the right size. If your back is too long = no support at all. So I wouldn't carry it very far. Tactical luggage.

  19. Close to Pusan , I was there in late 1970's. First time driving on wrong side of road.

  20. If anyone wants one I have one in tan and I never use it.

  21. I wish I could "like" this video multiple times. Stylishly-made, great music, and of course it doesn't hurt to have great content (i.e., the bag).

  22. Keep making review videos on bags like 5.11 or maxpedition ect. Keep uploading and thanx for the great videos

  23. Very good video bro! Keep up da good work!

  24. Awesome review!! Just found your videos this week. Keep em coming..Happy 4th of July!!!

  25. boy that looks like one big back pack!!

  26. Is there a functional reason for the notches in the brim of your hat? Never seen that before.

  27. If you want a new logo I can can make you one

  28. Thank you for your service to this great country and thank you for your great reviews. God bless you and your family

  29. Another great review – thank you! I've just discovered 5.11's line of usefull bags = I have the RUSH X-RAY messanger and the MOAB 10. Looks like I need to look at the RUSH 72 as well.

  30. Cool looking and functioning backpack. Surprised how much every pocket is used!

  31. great video man (^_-) nice setup also
    have a good day there

  32. Fantastic backpack… far from budget… but really good.

  33. why do you stick your finger in every hole in the bag you show us?

  34. Great review. I've always been concerned that I would overload a 72, versus the already heavy load in my small 12. Good to see what you've done with the larger bag. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Thanks for a great review. I've had my eye on the LAPG 3 day for a long time. This bag has been on the same page and I never took notice until your review. I like the layout and ease of use of this bag for EDC use. I'd love to see it in a utility blue. Be Well.

  36. how long are you stationed in korea?

  37. Thanks for this….. Just ordered one. Can't wait!!!! Really enjoy your videos…

  38. I haul mine everyday. Really like it. Plan on doing a 3 years later vid.

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