5 Flawless Everyday Carry Submission to Kick off 2020 | EDC Weekly

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  1. Love your content and your IG, but Bespoke is an absolute joke. I thought you were all about quality? Smh…

  2. Some of the color filters are getting out of hand. The pics are going from "Hey, check out my EDC" to "Hey, I'm just going to colorize stuff until it looks like it matches" I feel like this niche is Fonzie approaching the shark ramp.

  3. WE knives has a prybar, now. The A-08 Gesila. I want it! Lol.

  4. Have a different knife for everyday of the week and for special occasions. Problem solved.

  5. Hey dude great vid!
    Your Edc videos has inspired me to create my own channel so keep doing what you do!

  6. MXG Gear has clips for ZT if you’re still looking

  7. I want one of those rat bastard enigmas… Can't find it anywhere…

  8. I enjoy your videos, if you ever have a used and abused theme I’ll submit my EDC lol. I literally use my gear everyday and it shows BUT it does add character.

  9. Tell me more about that multi tool on the first submission from Urban Carver's what kind of tools does it have on it. I don't think I'm familiar with that one.

  10. I'd like to see a video on your knife collection.

  11. Hey, Taylor just so you know Musk and hustle 24 is a clone of a very Popular Niche cologne called Aventus from the house of Creed. Im telling you this because if you like M&H 24 so much youll love the real thing. ( ITS VERY EXPENSIVE THOUGH)

  12. Anybody know what brand of cup he has? That thing is pretty damn sexy

  13. Really make me jealously when people show's great knifes, and I months living whidout knife because lost me thinker, and now saving for some first good knife in me 26 years of living XD

  14. I put my knives in rotation to solve the "I want to carry everything." American made watch–check out Weiss Field Watches, made in Los Angeles and very cool.

  15. You talk about being jelois of one pic lol. I am jelois of all the pics and you too. I can only dream of having the stuff y'all have.

  16. At 16:10, what is the little "second knife" you pulled out of your pocket? I couldn't tell the name you said

  17. These over the top super expensive out of the reach of the normal guy edc’s are nice and all, but seriously, how about getting back to the average joe stuff? It was so much better then. Eye candy is great, but we all can’t afford $1000 watches, $500 knives, $300 pens, $200 wallets, $150 pry bars, $50 snot rags, and a Personal ball washer. Love the channel, love the items that you feature, just wish you would bring it back down to reality.

  18. I love my EDC and I’ld love to send a picture of it for the show but I cannot show my knives because at this moment I am not allowed to carry knives because I am In probation and I might get in trouble with law! ?

  19. More firearms submissions

  20. Does anyone make a decent stainless steel flashlight that isnt tiny?

  21. Damn Taylor, didn't mention the Sprybar for a ti prybar.. 🙁 also hilarious we're both named CJ

  22. Tell us about that whiskey glass at 5:40!

  23. Hey man just out of curiosity what is that glass you are using

  24. That Baltic Aquascape on the last one looks like a Omega Speedmaster at first glance.

  25. I’ve shied away from submitting my EDC mainly because I wanted to include my firearms. Glad to here you would showcase it if you found my submission worthy.

  26. Man I love that little knife that come in the bespoke box who makes it if you.dont mind? Or dm me I'll buy yours lol @BestDamnEDC

  27. Chuck us a vid when you get into the techy torches and stuff (you said you wanted to at one point)

  28. DUDE! That sign in the back is ?. What a killer gift! And speaking of Ti SAKs, I've already told you I want to do a topo pattern again. This time a non-limited edition and I'm totally down for doing a few as a Carry Commission collab. I'm just waiting on more material to get here and then it's on! For a Ti prybar, don't forget about the Sprybar. I love his design of that thing. I'm also going to be doing a run of Ti bars this year finally but that might be a minute before they're out.

  29. Finally back to the regular videos rather than the livestreams.

  30. My favorite EDC pen is the Zebra F-701. All metal body, one hand clip style design and easily acquired refills. It's also dirt cheap at like $8.

  31. I just can’t trust anyone who is so obsessed with a big idea TPT, the thing is a piece of GARBAGE.

  32. @CJ I would recommend https://cjglasdesigns.com/ for the pry / spy bar. I got mine and it’s amazing! IMO. Good luck on your search.

  33. What’s with Americans and knives??

  34. So the cologne is a cheap knock off. My brain says to buy it, but that's like buying a fake watch, I would never feel good about wearing it.

  35. Thanks for featuring my gear! I’m aware Lum-Tec only assembles in the US, but like you said, it’s impossible to find time pieces made in the USA, unless you’re willing to spend 2k+. Besides, Lum-Tec makes some awesome stuff ?

  36. yo! what do you edit your videos with!

  37. There's this guy on instagram @my_calti that works titanium and steel really well and sells pry bars, and other stuff. Another option for those who are looking for titanium.

  38. I’m going to have to check out that quit carry shorty

  39. Bespoke post needs to be international. How hard is it to ship overseas.

  40. What's that second knife you took out after the Chavez? I didn't catch the name.

  41. Has anyone been able to find some way to carry Galaxy buds? I find myself forgetting them sometimes and it would be nice to have them attached to my wallet or something.

  42. Does anyone know what all access pass lookalike he was talking about?

  43. How do I submit a picture/submission?

  44. Happy New year, keep them coming.

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