5 Noteworthy Everyday Carry Submissions | EDC Weekly

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26 thoughts on “5 Noteworthy Everyday Carry Submissions | EDC Weekly”

  1. Absolute bare minimum for an EDC has to be:
    1. Knife – 100% essential
    2. Phone – 50% essential (sometimes distracting)
    3. Wallet – only the money is needed
    4. Keys – 100% unless you want to walk or be locked out lmao

  2. Bare minimum EDC starts with:
    1.) time keeper/sun dial
    2.) knife/stone or bone
    3.) lighter/fire starter
    4.) flashlight/torch
    5.) writing utensil/quill

    With these items or any combination of these items you can proceed to get out of any predicament the day has in store for you.

  3. I can't believe it's taken me this long to discover your channel. Well done, Subscribed.

    Already purchase too much gear, but now I'm gonna blame you. ;-D

    Basic EDC list:











    Like many people I also require Glasses, and want the luxury of gum & chapstick.

    Of course I carry a lot more than that, not just for fun, but due to the Rule of Three's:

    One is None, Two is One, and Three is a safe margin of error.

    There are also different EDC for a variety of conditions:

    Essentials (as above), Workdays, Hiking, Road Warrior, and TSA-Friendly.

    PS: Briefcase, Murse, Backpack, Toolbag, or Get-Home Bag EDC seem like a lot, but maybe you might want to look at a monthly best-of dump.

  4. Standard EDC I would say: wallet, watch, phone and keys. As a teacher I add a red pen and chalk. Can't go a day without those. Oh and tissues, for all those students' tears and runny noses.

  5. My EDC as it's evolved to this point in my life:

    – Flashlight
    – Knife
    – Backup (smaller) non scary knife
    – Pry Bar
    – Pen
    – Wallet
    – Phone
    – Handkerchief

    Technically my keys but I don't keep them with me in my pocket all of the time. Usually whenever I get to where I'm going, I sit them down.

  6. There is no list of basic edc items imo. Edc is like your favourite food. It is incredebly subjective. Everyone goes through life differently and experiences the world in their own unique way. A buddhist monk in Tibet may leave the monastery with nothing but his clothes, while an electrician in New York may leave his house everyday with at least 10 different tools on his belt. To make a standard list would be like saying everybody's favourite food should have at least tomato, pickle and salt in it.

  7. in my opinion a basic EDC should contain the following your wallet, phone, watch, lighter, knife and lip balm but, what you yourself carry in your EDC is base on mitigating factors of your comfort level, your job and places you go in your daily life sadly to say a lighter and knife are not seen as tools but ,as weapons in this day and age… Magnificent website and youtube channel keep it up.

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