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  1. I would put teething rusks in my Rambler because I'm living that dad life.

  2. Hey can you do some metal themed carrys. Things like brass copper or titanium.. been trying to build a titanium carry myself.

  3. I would keep my bitvault and lethermen

  4. Congrats on the BBY girl a father of a BBY girl also I try and will continue to try to be a good father love your videos some things are to expensive for a working father but I like to see them love copper trying to put some edc pictures together to post on your channel we will see stay sharp

  5. Arc Rambler: credit cards and condoms, what else?

  6. Anyone tried Chapfix? It’s lip balm, and it comes in a slim flat case, so it less bulging in your pocket, it’s just more sleek design for edc

  7. I like the freak but the charge so fucking much for g10, it's a joke

  8. Congrats on your new addition. A little fatherly advice before your kid starts to crawl, get down on all fours and crawl around your house to see what a baby could get into. It gives a parent a whole new perspective and puts you on the same level that a baby or toddler sees. This will help you babyproof your house. When she starts eating solid foods and has some teeth of course cheerios make a good snack and helps with finger dexterity.

  9. That Arc Co. Rambler looks like it’d be perfect for my beefy & beastly Cold Steel SR1 tanto folder. Thanks for the opportunity and congrats on the new baby!

  10. My wiener. I would put my wiener in the Rambler.

  11. I'm sure it's good content. But I didn't make it past 4.5 minutes of preamble.

  12. I would put my I.D. other cards etc in it cus I'm broke as hell lol! Funny but really not though…

  13. That rambler would make it a whole lot easier to edc some Slim Jims

  14. I would put birth control pills because there's no chance I'm becoming a dad 😂

  15. I would put stuff, I would say money but after I buy the stuff to put in it…I probably wouldn’t have much money left over to put in it

  16. I would put the rubber bands I have to wear for my braces 😂😂

  17. Give it some time, you will soon enough be tired of all the crying, poopy diapers, not having time to do things you love, etc. etc.!
    Everyone says of their newborn that they are so easy, the baby sleeps all day, doesn’t cry, yada yada! After a few months you will no longer have sleep!! Lol!
    Being a parent is tough!! It’s NOT always Peaches & Roses! If you say otherwise, then you are either not a parent, or not the one doing all the parenting!

  18. You should make a video showing specifically left handed people’s EDCs and how they are different from right handed EDCs

  19. Have you ever done a business casual or EDC for the office? Most of these EDC setups are great for the weekend (or jeans), but would love to see what you have for slim profile organizers or a business theme in general.

    I'm an engineer so personally carry a penlight, pen, field notes but would like to carry a knife and/or small pocket tool but hard to keep it organized.

  20. A quest to fill the rambler….
    Some type of small flask for an oz or two of Johnny walker blue (maybe a blue anodized titanium) and a matching torch lighter with a punch cutter. An ideal set to relax in the evening.

  21. I’m thinking…that arc co. Rambler is the perfect size for a few beef sticks and a pack of roll aids!!!! Lmao!!

  22. Maybe you could give tips or recommendations to the participants

  23. I would put my Fisher Space Pen + refills in an Arc Company Rambler. I need a reliable back-up pen on me because I'm constantly running out of ink writing checks to pay off my $120K in student loans (that's, let's be honest, preventing me from just buying the damn thing myself!)

  24. Congrats man, God bless

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