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  1. Wow, I am really happy I found your channel on you tube. I never carried one before, but will change by the end of the year. Being Law Enforcement & Military I have mega s—t to carry. The belt thing is out because I have too much there already & the back pockets holds both my regular wallet & my badge & credential wallet. What is the biggest one to fit in my front pockets, the Engineer or the duz it all?

  2. The background music is very distracting; ditch it or lower the volume.

  3. I lost a titanium Bit Bar filled with a bunch of Wiha bits. It was a sad day. The pocket clip on it is pretty bad. Poor retention and the exterior is just too slick.

    Maybe I would’ve gotten the FRN model

  4. Just more baggage to carry around on your pocket.

  5. If we could figure out a way to make purses manly, it would solve all our EDC problems. Until then, these might suffice.

    Zyrtec is gold standard for allergies, man!

  6. Leather is all ways the best way

  7. My EDC is too large for these pocket organisers alone; for me they are a waste of time if I'm just going to put it into a larger organiser bag that has small pouches and divisions to segregate each individual tool. I prefer to keep my pockets clear for the purpose of small item temporary holsters so I don't carry my daily tools in there.

    My main organiser is my EDC bag – Maxpedition Thermite Versipack. My lighter duty organiser (it's too large for any trouser pocket I wear) is a small MOLLE pouch with two zipper main compartments each with divisions inside, a phone compartment and a pen compartment. I normally carry this on my belt.

  8. Top 3 reason you should carry a EDC pocket organizer:
    1. You don't have a GF.
    2. You don't want a GF.
    3. You want to die, without ever having had a GF.

  9. hey bro, i been watching a lot of your videos (and i hear you keep talking about your allergies) is it something that you would like to take care of? I think i may have something Natural and Organic that can help you. not trying to make a sale on you, i'll hook you up at my whole sale cost. i just love helping people, and ive really enjoyed your content, i'd love to help you. stuff saved my life.

  10. I used to carry my Swiss army knife and my flashlight on a belt loop organizer that my friend made for me. It was a great system and I really liked it and it kept clutter out of my pockets. However I stopped wearing belts and have switched to suspenders so there's not really a suspender based system that I found to replace it LOL I don't carry a pocket organizer for two reasons. The first one is that I don't like having all the weight and bulk in one spot. I keep a flashlight and a Swiss army knife in the watch pocket on my right hand side in my jeans, pen and phone in my left front pocket, notepad in my back left pocket, wallet in my back right pocket. It spreads it all out sort of evenly so I don't have excessive bulk in any one spot. The second reason is that I feel like it just kind of adds an extra step. Like if I want to use my pocket knife instead of just taking my pocket knife out of my pocket or off a belt thing, I have to take the organizer out, and then take the knife out of the organizer and it just kind of adds extra steps and I feel like I would end up fumbling around trying to figure out what to do with all the stuff in my hands. And now that you mention it I most definitely would leave my organizer somewhere and lose all of my gear at once which would be horribly unfortunate because I'm a broke son of a b** and can't afford to go out and purchase replacement gear.

  11. If you've got to carry that much crap then buy a book bag at a garage sale or second hand store for 5 bucks and call it a day.

  12. I like the tail end comment. If you spend your whole life edc-ing a certain way, then change it up… careful, then you're in the edc danger zone- i.e, losing, forgetting, misplacing etc. I know it from experience. Wise remark, thanks!

  13. Why are these so expensive? It's a 3 inch square of leather/nylon, jesus.

  14. It would be nice to get one of these you could clip on your belt but its iwb so you dont look goofy.

  15. When you lose your organizer..you lose all your gear….that's why I separate in different pockets..these organizers are for people with ocd

  16. I’ve love watching your videos Taylor ✊? Been a fan since the original MOD days. Would it be possible to see a “7 reasons you should” playlist?

  17. Hermoso pocket está muy bien elaborado??

  18. You tryin to get me to buy a leather organizer bruh?

  19. I'm weird and like to have quick access to my knife and flashlight. Probably not entirely necessary but it's my preference. A more practical issue is easy access to items. It's nice to be able to pull out a knife or flashlight easily with one hand (I work nights often and open a lot of boxes). I like the idea for pens, note pads and wallet stuff though.

  20. Any organizers you know of that would fit Samsung Galaxy Buds and a Small-Medium sized pocket knife?

  21. I wanna know where did you get the watch strap of thumbnail.

  22. What's the pen he had in the pocket pro

  23. I carry a messenger bag and all my EDC goes in there. I wear tight jeans and a pocket organizer would look weird.

  24. nothing is overkill. I edc a Leatherman surge simply because I like how robust and heavy duty it really is

  25. Who makes the blackwash Victorinox? Thanks!

  26. lets just call these what they are, pocket protectors.

  27. smells like the real problem here, is pants pockets are badly designed….
    maybe a dedicated pen pocket, multi-tool pocket, knife pocket, and comb/card pocket is what pants are really missing?

  28. I use a belt pouch that holds my knife, a ferro rod, and a pen.

  29. Pocket organizers definitely aren't for me, but one appealing idea is individual kits for respective occasions. Like one kit set up for work, one kit set up for carrying around the house on weekends, one kit for road trips, etc….

  30. What kind of pencil is that at 12:56????

  31. When I want to look like a janitor, I"ll start using an organizer.

  32. Do you live in NC? Just guessing from the hat

  33. I looked at hitch and timbers and it took like 2 minutes to find my perfect pocket organizer for how I like to carry my stuff

  34. I just lost a very nice flashlight and pen, so yeah. I need an organizer!

  35. what are tactical beads for? i see them a lot

  36. Slapping edc on the end of a name doesn’t make it cooler my man. It’s a pocket organizer

  37. I sweat and it starts to make the leather smell.

  38. Dude. I totally got caught off guard and thought you were about to rap at 1:14 ???

  39. i want to have one but not sure witch 1 (-(

  40. Check out the elegant utility Pencil-Pal it is a lot thinner than the Midori

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