A Greatest Generation Wallet || Fashionable EDC (Everyday Carry) || What You Do – #edcvideos

stylefirst That awesome knife – I was lucky enough to be sent Meghan’s Grandfather’s wallet who is Arthur’s namesake and from the …


  1. EDC is a lifestyle choice 😂 As for Murse, there is a load of people that do use them, the maxpedition type sling bags are renowned for it. Very interesting points, good to hear your views. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very nice and loving tribute to Meghan's grandfather. I am proud of you for honoring the greatest generation of modern time. Thank you very much.

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing this story! When my grandpa passed in 2004, my family gave me a box of his things that was basically his everyday carry including watches and some knives and key chain. I can really identify with this video and it totally made me think of this box of important things to him that I now keep in my drawer and hope to pass down to my boys. Great story man!

  4. Priceless history pieces you got there! So cool!

  5. That was really emotional and very interesting. Thank you Judy for sending that wallet and accessories to Tim.

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