Alpha M. Every Day Carry | Aaron Marino's EDC

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  1. Sunglasses: I posed a picture and link to the sunglasses I am wearing over on IG if you are curious.

  2. The handgun in the thumbnail is a Tanfoglio Giuseppe GT 27 .25 Cal.

  3. Hey just found you the other day love the advice keep it up and a little tip look into the a emergency kit for the trunk of your car if you don't know what I'm talking about or want to know a little more then just the basics hit me up thanks and keep being Awsome man

  4. What brand is the watch you have on?

  5. Ur Outfit just make u more like Secret Agent

  6. Alfa m. I have a shotgun in my bag

    Me. I have a 50. Cal in my ass a dessert Eagle in my pocket and a ar15 in my car

  7. The shot gun part lol didn't see that coming

  8. Seriously i carry a camp knife in my left pocket

  9. My carry:

    Pepper Spray
    GPS with Tracker

  10. What kind of sunglasses do you have in this video, I like them

  11. Just clicked the like when I saw the shotgun

  12. Of course the alpha drives a bmw

  13. PS. I keep a bug out bag in my car or with me at all times lol. Just an old habit. Got everything I could need in that backpack. Same idea as u pretty much

  14. Why are so many people worried about the gun?? Lol. Did u actually expect him to tell you where he keeps it and when or if he carries it!? Assuming it's his, and he carries, he'd be a fool to discuss that…other than maybe to say it's a choice responsible adults need to make for themselves.
    BTW, It's a lil' Berretta 950 .25. They don't make em anymore. It's a great little piece. Easy to use, small, very little recoil, pretty accurate at close range, well made and designed, and serves a specific purpose very well.
    I prefer a .380 in that sorta compact category, but… Whatever blows your skirt up…
    And for all we know, he borrowed that gun from a friend (or his wife ?) for the thumbnail. So what? It relates to the title…
    Personally, I think it's his, the MB 12 gauge is also his, and he probably has something more powerful and accurate at home. Maybe not though. Who cares? He brilliantly planted that thought in your head, yet never once came close to the subject though. At the end of the day, he just gave u suggestions and tips…which u can take or leave.
    I think he handled the topic amazingly though. Thumbnail pic of an obvious COMPACT carry. Little Shotgun humor… and then moved on…
    Used to b 2 things u don't discuss unless u wannna losing argument… Now there's 3. Politics, religion and now gun control. I'm sure he's very moderate either way.

  15. Weak EDC honestly.. tons of gum, lotion, pens?…. watch other edc videos on YouTube, this was the worst I've seen. Carry a pistol like a man or at least a pocket knife

  16. No knife on you EDC ??or tools?!

  17. That shotgun wasn't even in the bag you could tell he just covered with bag.

  18. I carry everyday is a wristband and bracelet and a watch,a bagpack,a water bottle for hydration and wallet and last I always carry is my ear pots

  19. You dont need a notebook, it's better to use google keep and write down there

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