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Alpha One Niner Pathfinder: Best Everyday Carry Backpack (EDC) Again? –

Thanks for watching.. In this video I share with you the new Alpha One Niner Pathfinder. I was surprised to find out that this pack was in development prior to the Evade pack that I love so much. I think this pack is a more professional EDC pack. What makes this pack stand apart from the crowd of great EDC packs that have entered the market recently, is the features and the materials. There is one big elephant in the room when it comes to this pack and the decision to add it to your carry system is yours.

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Alpha One Niner Pathfinder:

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  1. Francis James

    Hahaha!!! Wow bro, you looked Suspicious walking in the building with that backpack fully loaded! Just saying. Lol

  2. Brody

    Just subscribed, watched tons of your videos since the last year. Sorry I took so long to jump onboard. Def underrated. Love!

  3. The One

    Just Ordered One from the site hopefully I get mine soon thanks to you. I give you many thanks.

  4. crazywisdom2

    George… love your vids. Question; is there a pack similar to this. That can stand up on its own ? And weighs less … that you could recommend?

  5. Alex Quinton

    This a real question: What is that document protector you are using? I need something to protect my papers in my EDC and I have seen you use that one multiple times

  6. Louie

    bruh…that voice over intro though haha! we should be friends lol

  7. Chris Hanson

    Preorders came out on Alpha’s site, used your reviews of the evade and the pathfinder to make my decision. I think the highviz lining on pathfinder and the zippers sold me on my first purchase of alphas packs. (I know I will be ordering the evade next! Thanks George!

  8. Phillip Nunya

    I don't like having magnets near hard drives. That's my only issue with the laptop pouch magnet.


    Hello George. Are you aware of any backpack that matches these criteria?
    1) easy external access of little stuff like tissues and water bottles
    2) shoulder straps with anchor points to hang things such as a cell phone pouch
    3) a secret pocket closes to the back panel
    4) lightweight


  10. dabster14

    Hi. Have you experienced any difficulties when unzipping the zippers at the top corners of the main compartment? Did you see any deterioration of the fabric?

  11. Young Bloke

    I think it’s safe to say you’ve taken the top spot of best bag reviewer on YouTube! Awesome content!

  12. Mr H

    So now I want another Alpha One Niner pack!!

  13. Travis Beach

    I just won a Alpha One Niner Ambit pouch in the same color scheme. I love that thing. This pack is literally a perfect pack for my day to day work life. The only downside I am thinking about is the weight, with a laptop and work stuff packed in. Up side is I don't wear the pack all day. Great video bud, earned a sub here!

  14. Isaac Gay

    My man is one of the most underrated EDC reviewers out there. Love your videos!

  15. Liam J

    Cobra is one my favorite movies from my childhood…nice work!

  16. Liam J

    George – The Brown Buffalo drops Arid Tuesday! 3/9/21…any interest in a Conceal review, I hope?

  17. John Clifton

    Do people honestly have issues with their backpacks and the TSA? I fly all the time and never have issues. I lay it flat like that and they’ve never said anything to me once. Am I just having an odd experience?

  18. josh3326

    I hate videos like this! They make me spend my money. Great review for a backpack! Has the essentials you need to know for the pack.

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