American Convicted Felon Everyday Carry (EDC)

Can you defend yourself as a convicted felon? Yes you can! Take it from someone who’s been there and done that! The most effective edged weapons and self-defense tools in the world available here:


  1. what about in california???????????

  2. Where do you target shoot? My understanding is that you can't go to a normal shooting range.

  3. God commands every man to carry a sword present day gun!! Are we to obey God or some rights stealing communist government asshole that thinks they can infringe on our American rights given to us under the Constitution!! As for me and my house we shall serve the Lord!!

  4. How about people that get charged misdemeanor domestic violence battery for just holding onto someone’s cellphone? How come they have more of a problem getting their rights back when no weapon at all is involved? Easy way under cover of night bullshit democratic assholes take rights away from honest law abiding citizens!!

  5. Brother, how do you get around the "Can be readily converted to fire cartridge ammunition?" All the BP pistols ive seen have conversion cylinders offered?
    Thanks…. Chris

  6. How is he able to own that ruger old army if he’s a felon?

  7. If this guy has people trying to kill him you think he wouldn’t post all over YouTube that he’d cArrys 10k dollars with him

  8. Why do people "find god" AFTER they've killed someone?

  9. Please do the video about what happened to you.

  10. I was held at gun point and told they was going to kill me and all I did was walk in the house and get a riffle and ask the person to get of my land and I was taken to jail and charged with a misdemeanor assault and in NC I can’t own or perches a fire arm over something that was pointless I had no intent to harm anyone just protecting myself I think our justic system has fallen down hill big time

  11. Carefully check the gun laws in your state. Not asking the police or even your lawyer. Read the statutes yourself. I did. Local police, the local sheriff and even the head of my local ATF told me that as a convicted felon I could never own a firearm again. But I had read Louisisna statutes. After 10 years of completion of your sentence, and if you werent convicted of a certain number of enumerated offenses like a gun or violent crime or a drug crime, you AUTOMATICALLY have your right to bear arms restored. No lawyer, no court hearing and no permission required. Im the first guy at my gun store to check the have you ever been cinvicted of a felony to walk out with my new gun. I showed him the law and had him call the ATF public line at 1-800-ATF-GUNS to verify. Hes been in the gun business 50 years and didnt know, my lawyer didnt know or wouldnt tell me, all law enforcement lied to me.
    Google thd gun laws in your state because many have laws designed so white collar criminals and politicians can shoot skeet with their buddies after convictions.

    Ive been out of the pen 42 years as of 12/29/77 and have been legally carrying for the last 25.

  12. I would like to hear your story please.

  13. I hate to keep saying it and leaving multiple comments but as I’m watching the video I keep seeing myself. When I got convicted one of the things that really crushed me as a Florida native and my families longtime hunting tradition is that I would never be able to hunt again. I mean from the time I woke up until I went to bed it was all I could think about and I even dreamed about it but my uncle got me a compound bow something I never hunted with but would soon learn to love not just the fact that I could hunt but now even earlier and longer and I really Love unique season and it opened up my mind and also since I found out I could legally possess a bow and I could hunt with my kids like my father did with me and I wouldn’t have to worry about going to prison in front of my little boys for practicing a family and American tradition I then started looking deeper to see what all my options were and I found out I could with a antique ( firearm ) I know their not considered one as long as it was a antique gun or a reasonable reproduction of one and as long as it used the primitive ignition system as described in fl law and that really excited me and opened up another unique season I love and again gave me more time to hunt and everything with the black powder weapons really was interesting to me I also noted that according to fl law antique firearms also included guns that used fixed ammunition that was no longer available in the ordinary channels of trade and the gun was a antique according to fl law but I’ve always been to afraid to attempt using one because the law really comes down the officer you’re dealing with and his understanding of it and we all know how that goes. I also found out very recently that air guns were added to the list of legal weapons to hunt with as long as it’s a certain caliber and is basically a compressed air system because they are extremely powerful and able to humanely take down a animal and I’m really interested in getting into it . But my ultimate goal is to figure out a way to get guys like you and me united to fight for the return of all our constitutional rights . Because in America people like us are living half free and half slave and that’s not what my ancestors fought for

  14. One thing you should mention is that black powder weapons become a firearm if you use it in the commission of a crime which as we all know is very broad

  15. 8:44 carry preloaded cylinders you can swap in quickly

  16. I also live in Florida and if you heard my story you would see we have a lot in common

  17. There has to be a way that men like us can come together and turn into a force that gets our rights back

  18. The same exact ! Thing happened to me

  19. The only problem with what you are saying is that the revolver you carry can be converted to to a cartridge cylinder. And that means illegal. I'm in your shoes so dont take me as a hater. I wouldnt want to see you get in trouble

  20. Just get a conversion so u can shoot cartridges lol

  21. Stop whining live your life

  22. I’m so glad I came across this channel! I learned so much in 20 mins

  23. Damn, all that he expressed was deep AF, then he basically showed us loopholes. Mind wide open!!! Infinite RESPECT to you! ✊?

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