Asher Knife Co. Preview/First Impressions and Evening Rant #EDC #EveryDayCarry #NewKnives2020 – #edcvideos

Whatsup Guys and Gals?? I hope you enjoyed this quick summary of part of the Asher Knives Co. Collection. Again I will be reviewing each individual blade on its own once I get some more alone time with them. I try to learn every detail about something before I gush over it but in the short time I’ve owned these.. I’ve grown mighty fond of them all. Anyway, if you want to get one for yourself just click the link below and choose your poison. Again thanks to everyone who has supported the channel so far. We are growing every day with no end in sight. See you in the comments!!


  1. Again I'm getting robbed on views… I had 96 at 10:00 am and now down to 70 something at 1:46 pm. I dont get it..

  2. Nice review on on the Asher line up. I just go the Silva and really like it.

  3. That sentry? centry? looks really cool, love me some 'poon lol. And the fuller is nice! Cat wait for the reviews!

  4. thanks for the tip on the coupon code!

  5. do you have a video where you show the knives and how you wear them IWB? (that wouldn't be legal for me in CA anyway, but i'm still curious, cuz it still demonstrates a lot about a knife, it's thickness, it's sheath quality, versatility, etc.)

  6. Beautiful designs on all those, nice offerings. Like the Sentry the best, but the Nomad looks real nice too.

  7. I love the one with the Harpoon point I'm sure I'm going to buy it Bill Boyle

  8. I have a nomad coming in any day now. Can't wait to review it

  9. The Asher Classic folding knife is d2 not s35vn

  10. Hey Justin. What's your relationship with the company? I don't understand why you would buy all their models.

  11. i just received my Tracker today and holy wow! I'm blown away with the quality. I had talked to them on a discord and IG and thought he was joking about the tracker being able to cut though leather nicely. Nope, he wasn't lying. I had to try it out and cut through 5mm of leather EASILY. and then it still passed a paper push cut test too

  12. Nice, I’ll have to look into them 🤙🏻

  13. Another knife I didn't know I needed. But now I know!!!! 😀 Cheers

  14. I went to their site these knives are super nice and the price is unbeatable for the material . I’m glad you made this video !! Thanks for sharing . Take care !!!

  15. Great video brother, I currently am enjoying the Centri.

  16. What a find.
    Need to get a few.

  17. Justin, that was more than just a first impression. Good stuff. I love a good axis-lock/thumb-stud (my favorite). When you put the Bugout next to them…wow! I love that harpoon blade with the fuller. Is the fuller deep enough to spydie flip? Can't wait for your full review. Where are they made?

    Btw, what did you do with the Terminus? Did you break it yet? Don't try on purpose, just put it through your normal tests and see how it holds up, just to be fair and consistent. I know you would, just giving you a reminder. Oh, keep forgetting to ask, why doesn't it show how many subscribers you have?

  18. Might have to try one of those axis ones s35vn is one my favorite steels

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