1. If you're New here, the Parts & Codes are here http://bit.ly/2DckPlH

  2. style, colors, the look, watches, wallets vs self defense fighting.

  3. FYI the lock on the Spyderco Yojimbo is called a compression lock.

  4. No need to carry so many things

  5. I like the blade but 130$ for something my ass would lose in two weeks I can’t ?

  6. who is the guy that paints your triggers?

  7. New sub. Love the content! My EDC is M&P Shield 9, aliengear cloaktuck 2.0, Kershaw chive or leek, trayvax OG 2.0, black diamond carabiner with keys. I love to carry USA made gear!

  8. “Not a cheap loose, a good quality kinda loose” sounds like my kinda hooker.

  9. hey J. I think you should look into upgrading your wallet an check out a few of the newer leather companies or Trayvax just released the OG 2.0 not that long ago and its a cheap effective tactical multi-functional wallet comes in a variety of 4 different colors (OD Green and Black look the best) Just a thought I like my old school leather as well lol but these trayvax wallets are tanks and can deff handle a beating.

  10. Youtube is screwing itself with all the rediculous rules. Eventually youtube will kill its popularity with all the rules and rediculous amount of ads as it always happens someone will finally create a new app to do everything youtube does without the rules or amount of ads cant wait till the day.

  11. I’m using chrome browser on my phone and it says “Your connection is not private”. Won’t let me go on to the affiliate link. Going to try desktop.

  12. It's pronounced, "Yo-jim-bo." It is from a Kurasawa samurai movie which was remade by Sergio Leone as "A Fistfull of Dllars" starring Clint Eastwood.


  13. In my opinion, people confuse cheap with inexpensive. I paid $200 for a fixed blade tanto style blade, and it snapped when it got dropped. A $20 tanto, I stabbed a microwave with it and it didn’t even wear the finish.

  14. I'm having trouble deciding between appendix and carrying on the hip.ronin or saya Idk what to pick

  15. You should get a kershaw and Emerson they have a feature to open when you pull it out of the pocket

  16. As of October 2018, Redline is not taking orders. But they look like Kydex from a dozen other mfgs.

  17. in your next video can you do an Olight Update? Im apart of an EDC Group on FB and everyone uses them I would like to pick one up but if I drop 100 bucks on a flashlight it needs to be good and reliable. Ive been using the Bushnell Trkr 150 for 2 years in a factory dropping them 5 or 6 feet to the ground throwing it around my tool box dropped it down a scrap shoot 30 ft onto a metal conveyor belt from the press I was running. But I digress. Just curious how it held up.

  18. Do you have a coupon code for KGS? I'd like to get an spending holster for my Glock 27 with the Apex trigger.

  19. I've been watching your YouTube channel for about one month. I like your content, it's very educational even tho I have been a concealed carry person for about 2 years. It's never to late to get more information. Thanks for your hard work.

  20. Is the wallet come with a ID sleeve and is it RFID?

  21. Can opener and a key holder and your good

  22. How do you feel about EDC-ing a Springfield Xd series?

  23. What’s the update for the guntubers channels? I didn’t even know that they were about to be deleted. I know this is a few months old. But what was the reasons for it?

  24. Think you should put your flavor on a Taurus pt111
    I do like the builds but not everyone has the money to do your builds.

  25. I don’t think the email link (notification squad)is working.

  26. Like your vids just finally subscribe

  27. VEDDER HOLSTERS are the best holsters…….

  28. Can you send me a link on that trigger

  29. I carry a spyderco karambit pocket clip and I have a light similar to that o light but mine is a fenix which I think is a way better light..

  30. I love the KORE Essential belt

  31. Nice edcs the knife I may have to add to my collection.

  32. So how did Yojimbo get its name, Sal told me at Blade, he was walking thru the shop and a machinest named Jim was working on this. So he said, Yo Jim what up Bro, and the name stuck!!! Really….

  33. Hey! Love the videos and the What holster do you recommend for a conceal carry newbie?

  34. Love the spyderco nice gear as well and awesome vidoes watching all the way from south africa

  35. Man really enjoying your page ! Keep it up

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