1. How's everybody doing? Personally I'm both excited/nervous about college coming up 😬

  2. My school is literally Hell.

  3. First EDC video where the person does not use iPhone as primary smartphone and does not use a MacBook. Great to see that, it's an EDC that we can afford.

  4. wait how the hell does this man have 18k subs and only 606 views??????????

  5. how are you not famous?!!?

  6. Bro please tell that how to edit the audio of boya by m1 audio please

  7. Great video, all the things are def useful!

  8. You're voice is sooo relaxing broo

  9. Bro I really don't understand
    You should have like 10M subscribers you're so good

  10. Nice content! Go visit our channel and subscribe if you like ☺️

  11. Thoughts on Apple AirPods ?

  12. I thought this video was out in 2019 lol , 2020 :(💔💔💔

  13. Hey Jason do another video on ur songwriting process really enjoyed that video

  14. You are really good with doing the camera angles

  15. Wait, I thought you weren’t aloud a knife in school..

  16. Phone and some change lol u have so much more

  17. Who else likes Jason r

  18. Bruh what mic are you using

  19. Wanna be friends? Let's help each other to grow on YouTube 🙂

  20. Like how you added in the watch from the previous video, if I didn’t have a Apple Watch would of been a must purchase.

  21. Lol, I don’t carry anything anymore

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