Rough Draft Mini Spiral Notebook, 9″ x 7″ with Pockets and 160 Lined #edcfinds

#edcfinds #everydaycarry Pocket Notebook with 160 Lined Pages. Includes double sided pocket page. 100 GSM wood-free paper. Metal wire-o bound. 160 lined, perforated pages. Measures 9 inches x 7 inches. Special centerfold page. There’s no better solution for getting all those great ideas out of your brain and onto some paper. This mini notebook has 160 pages, a holographic cover with spot gloss, a secret (and encouraging!) centerfold, and metal spiral bound. Replace your boring notepad with this cute notebook – it’s perfect to write down your to do list, to use as a women’s journal, kids notebook, or as the cutest college supplies.INCLUDES 160 LINED PAGES: Hardcover notebook includes 160 lined pages for all those thoughts, ideas, to do lists, field notes, and feelings you want to get out of your brain. Each page has a perforated edge that lets you rip the pages out easily to show off your doodles and thoughts
DURABLE DESIGN: Notebook is bound by metal wire to provide added durability as you travel from point A to point B. The spiral bound notebook also has a thick hardcover that features a holographic surface design
EASY ORGANIZATION: Each page of this lined notebook has the logo and a space for the date, which makes it perfect to use as a meeting notebook or travel notebook to document important days. Includes a double sided pocket page for storing loose items (and makes desk organization a breeeeze)
BONUS FEATURES: Small notepad has metal spirals, a pocket page, and an adorable centerfold that helps break up the mundane. You’ll never want to be without one of these spiral notebooks again. And why should you? You’re gonna need a place to jot down all of those brilliant ideas!
MINI SIZED: Spiral notebook measures 9 inches (22.9 cm) long x 7 inches (17.8 cm) wide. This small journal is the perfect size to throw in your purse, because sometimes you get a really good idea and there’s normally nowhere to write it down. This cute little notebook will make sure that never happens again!

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