Bellroy Sling Bag – My Everyday Carry (EDC) for Summer

Sometimes I need to carry just a little more than my pant pockets can carry. A sling bag is a simple and minimal way to carry all the basic stuff I need for my everyday carry without the extra of a backpack. Here are my thoughts on the Bellroy Sling Bag and what I’ll carry inside it during my…


  1. Great voice! You should do guided meditation videos.

  2. people need to start storing their smartphones off of their bodies… especially with 5g on the way.

  3. You like your purse, nance?

  4. Looking for one, but too small for my liking…

  5. strangest fanny pack ive ever seen.

  6. will a Nintendo Switch fit?

  7. It makes you look like a twink

  8. Looks like something a soyboy would wear.

  9. Peak design 5l is a good option also

  10. Lmao got me bent payin $55 for a wallet

    if it’s not Gucci, LV, Ferragamo, etc my wallet is $10 MAX

  11. I like your videos and your voice is soothing to the ears 🙂

  12. Чётка как в ваших мультиках онимэ

  13. It's bigger than I imagined it would be

  14. I have one on order. Looking forward to trying it out!

  15. The North face field bag is better

  16. can it hold the canon sl2

  17. I need a bag for when I am running. Any suggestions?

  18. "It's not a purse, it's a european carry all!" 😉

  19. Overpriced and not practical

  20. Hey David! Can you do a review on your favourite sunscreen? I see you're using Hawaiian Tropic!

  21. Thank you so much David, this is exactly what I was looking for, but I ordered it today only for 49$ from here

  22. Small bag with a big price ?

  23. I'm curious why they copied Peak Design's aesthetic though.

  24. "Slingbag"?

    It's a purse dude.

  25. Very interesting, thank you for this video !!

  26. Are you Rich Brian’s brother?

  27. oh, you have a referral link in your description? is this a sponsored video?

  28. is that fanny pack? and I'm sorry but the pricing is stupid.

  29. Great video as always. I could watch your content endlessly. A concern that I have as well as it seems many others is how easy would it be for someone to just snatch this off of you?


  31. EDC video? Nah. This is just a sling bag review in disguise. I just clicked on this to see what card holder that is. #clickbait

  32. Your reviews are always a pleasure to watch. Great voice, lots of detail, really well done.

  33. hi David, thanks for review

  34. You can open a store of Xiaomi sling bags for the price of this

  35. Hi David. I noticed you're suing the Samsung S10 plus? Can you tell me which case you had on please? Looks amazing.

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