1. Back in 2016 I worked with Patrick to custom build a tactical Rainmaker….LOVED every aspect of it except the padding on the back….to me it doesn't contour to my back in the least, and the loaded Rainmaker feels like a piece of stiff plywood against my back. Drove me crazy. I suspect the padding in it is nowhere close to what is required. Wish there was a way around this, as other than that, I absolutely LOVE it….however, it has sat unused in my closet for almost 4 years. The experience and quality was SO good, that if I could be convinced of the next one having ample padding, I'd custom build one all over again.

  2. Do you feel the medium is a good size for a woman under 5' ? And do you think the laptop compartments padding can be cut out ? Patrick said he can't leave it out.

  3. Been looking at there but was just wondering if the zips are lockable at all?

  4. Reviewing the brown bufffalo conceal 26l anytime soon? 😬

  5. Been using my custom Rainmaker for a year now and I love it. I should’ve gotten the medium 22L for daily carry use. I have the large (I’m 5’11”) so I mainly use it for traveling and short weekend trips now. My favorite backpack I’ve gotten to this date and I have many lol

    Opted to go with a custom semi tactical multicam black Rainmaker:

    – external MOLLE webbing (but no hook & loop)
    – side and bottom compression straps (non-Fidlock)
    – two side water bottle pockets
    – secret passport pocket
    – luggage pass thru
    – strap bands

  6. Do you think a pair of men’s shoes would fit comfortably in the main compartment for this 22L size?

  7. How does this carry compared to a GR1..comfort wise? Is the quality of this close at all to a Goruck?

  8. Don't get me started with the rainmaker 😂! Mine is second hand, so I had to accept the customization of its previous owner, but I didn't mind. I used it both as an EDC and as a minimal travel bag without any problems. It's built like a tank and you can really carry a looot of stuff. The only con is that is a heavy bag, and can get very big

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