Best Keychain Flashlight for EDC (Everyday Carry)

The search is on to find the perfect keychain flashlight for everyday carry. I always EDC a keyring torch in my pocket and so it has to be small, lightweight and practical. But which one?

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  1. A very good review. The one thing I look for in a light is the ability of anyone to turn it on. For instance, if I lock my Fenix light it requires me to press two times quickly and then press a third time to get consistent light. I like my Rovyvon A5 because most people will intuitively hold a button down to get the light to work. They won't need to know how to activate extra features. They will get usable light with one action.

  2. I’ve had the A8 for over 8 months now, never leaves my pocket. Just saving up for the bigger variant now which I think is the A12?

    Also used my A8 at a concert on my white shirt to make me glow haha 😂

  3. I’ve carried a 4sevens Preon 1 for over a decade now. Zero complaints. I like the twist UI because it never accidentally turns on and having a low light mode up first is a must IMO.

    No idea if 4sevens is still in business or if the Preon series is still made as I never hear of them anymore.

  4. Another stellar video! Thanks. I do think there is a difference between pocket carry and keychain carry though. For the key chain, you have to factor in weight (or compactness) and durability as the most important traits, imo. My keychain lights take a beating. I have 4 main keychains, two for each of my vehicles (truck and car). I've found the olight models to be durable, lightweight, and reliable. I have all the models you demonstrated plus a couple more. The 1R2 is on three of my keychains and is about as big as I want to carry on a keychain. I like the 1R2 pro but it's a bit more bulky. Hard to beat the prices on the olights, some of which I received for free for being a regular customer. But I love the functionality of the rest of the lights you demonstrated and although they would not end up on my keychain, I can see their usefulness and will likely purchase a couple to add to my collection and stash them in my packs, minikits and camper. Maybe even get one of the flat ones for pocket carry. Thanks again.

  5. The A8 USB-C is 75€ in Germany… Crazy.

  6. I was sold on Fenix lights a few years ago. Then the durability came into play my edc light had a fall from about half a meter. And it was done for good. This happened twice with the same model. So I'm very skeptical about about Fenix nowadays.

  7. This was seriously good timing. I've been browsing this weekend for up-to-date reviews for a small and cheap back-up EDC torch. This video has really helped, so thank you. I ended up ordering both the Nitecore TINI 2 for the display and Olight I1R 2 Pro for it's value and IPX8 rating.

  8. Jon – very good list. I have been a Fenix fan for several years now, currently EDC the E18R (with Fitorch 16340-USBC).

  9. I have carried a Fenix E01 on my key chain for several years. I love that very small simple AAA flashlight. I recently discovered that model was no longer available. I did find the new model that is now called the E01 V2. It functions the same so I bought two of them to be safe. I would be lost without my tiny key chain light. I do have larger flashlights with all the bells and other crap but they are too big for my key chain.

  10. Not an off the cuff presentation, must have taken days to put together. Hoping for a larger comparison video like this for some time. Simply blinding Jon. 👌🏻👊🏻

  11. Why is USB-C better than Micro USB?

  12. Thank you very much for this elaborated presentation of the main and side features of several EDC lights! Please go on with your excellent videos!!

  13. Nice comparison video. Personally after trying the Nitecore Tini 2 it's my go to. The OLED display is a game changer. The iE3 is good for a slap on your keychain, don't give a crap light because of the price.

  14. The clear bodied Rovyvons are just packed with awesome features 👍

  15. The sorfrin SC01 by far the best flashlight I've ever had, so much I'm going to buy another one right now

  16. Do you have any suggestions for a slightly bigger torch that can be pocket carry? I'm also considering a tool caddy for mutitools as well.

  17. It must have been hard to omit the S3Ti as it's just a bit longer. While I do like the A8, I prefer the A5 because of the green glowing body. It glows a good part of the night and makes it easy to find on the nightstand at hotels. Great one Jon!

  18. I use the UV light when I go on night walks. I just hang it from the back of my belt or shirt so cars coming from behind can see me. It works like a glowstick. I have another flashlight in my in my hand to light the path in front of me.

  19. I refused to buy anything from CCP China, so went for a Surefire Sidekick.

  20. I use the Nitecore Tiki in my keychain, which is really similar to the Rovyvon. This is my backup. The primary torch is currently the Thrunite Archer Mini. Check it out!

  21. Yes but!
    The only negative with those little flashlights, let's take the A8 for example, it can only live a few minutes on full blast. And despite all its features, if the battery gets drained by full blast for like 10 minutes, you won't be able to use the rest of its features either (I'm not entirely sure how many minutes the A8 in particular lasts on full blast).

    Great video anyway!!

  22. Another great comparison video. Thank you.b🔦🌝😎

  23. Looking to buy a torch so perfectly timed video and as always as I Brit I really appreciate having the perspective of someone buying from the same place. Keep up the good work!

  24. 3:38 UV Light is excellent for finding uranium vaseline/depression glass.

  25. Im looking for 1000 lumens flash light thats little? Any recommenditions?

  26. Let me guess, the most expensive is the best for this posh snob.

  27. I'm looking for edc pens? Any help would be appreciated. Key ring sized. Or small pocket pens….in the UK.

  28. I wonder if the potential blackouts looming this Winter, will push designers back towards replaceable/swap-out cells, as opposed to these rechargeable iterations … Sitting in the dark for an hour waiting for a recharge, seems a bit 3rd world ? 🤔
    Edit to add :- through charging via an attached battery bank is equally 3rd world, if you're moving around.

  29. I can see why the A8 is your chosen torch out of the bunch. If I was to go lithium it would need to be the common unprotect 18650.

  30. Gah! They were so close with the dual fuel version, but why no UV, white, and red side light combo ! That would have gave it function ++ over the A8.

    I know the glow in the dark may seem like a gimmick, but it's very helpful especially with the UV.

  31. Unfortunately, USB-C isn’t a universal solution. USB-C chargers are not created equal. I have to have different chargers for different devices, although all have USB-C plugs. The charger that works for my Android phone won’t work for my rechargeable toothbrush, or rechargeable radio. C’est la Guerre.

  32. Got the original one don’t need another to empty my pockets.

  33. Nice and informative video as always. I cary a nitecore tiki gitd blue in my backpack, i wish they would make it in usb c… ah to bad but you know, we all need something to wish for. Greets from the netherlands!

  34. Sorry about all the comments . What knife roll or case is recommended for a dozen or so knives . I currently use a a $30 Apache case and thought it was good 👍. I seen some decent looking leather wraps on Amazon but I m checking here first to make a good decision .

  35. Hi Jon, great video! You decided to skip the nichia this time? Any reason?

  36. I wish I would have seen this video yesterday but I know I’m already getting that one you like 👍. I usually use a stream light stylus pro for many years now and ordered the stream light 360 for the lantern effect when I mess with knives or whatever . I like these ones you show in this video . I did get that little o light on the last sale that pulls out and comes on . It’s pretty cool but battery life is kaput , lol. LR something round batteries .

  37. Jon the 32 dollar version looks nicer then this one lol!

  38. Jon maybe you can help me . I like to check out flashlights and knives and whatever else . I sure could use your advice because I know you have good taste and are more well informed on these matters . So recently seen the nikron n7 for $13 so tried it and ordered some 3.7 lithiums to go with it because it can support a higher power battery and it s great with the 3.7 . My problem is I’m in my 3 rd battery . Every time I go to recharge it just dies . I checked both on a multimeter and they read zero ? I think I may have overcharged and it shut off . ? Is there a way to get them jumped or are they toast ? I have two batteries left and will try a quick charge . I think maybe it needs a more specialized charger for 3.7 AA . They read 6.xx on the multimeter brand new and throw some serious light for a single AA size battery but it’s a 3.7 . Any help will be appreciated . Thanks so much

  39. Hey Jon . I was watching one of your vids inside where your friend bought you things from Wish 😂😂. I was laughing good too . Thanks . Having fun can be cheap but I tell everyone not to buy crap , unless they like it . I suggest everyone buy what they will be happy with which usually means not the cheapest one . I totally dig that little one with all the lights and that’s a lot of lumens . !

  40. Excellent presentation! I've carried the Nitecore Tini2 for a while now and find it to be as close to perfection for my needs as I can imagine. The humble Nitecore Tube, however, still holds a place in my low-budget heart.

  41. When do you think dual fuel option is needed? You think it’s for outdoors?

    Also is the firmware change you describe in the A2. Mine doesn’t appear to work that way.

  42. I never buy rechargeable flashlights and after going through a category 5 hurricane that killed 2975 (according to the government) or 4645 (according to Harvard) that left us without power for 3 months, I cannot stress the importance of using ordinary batteries. I live below the poverty line and didn't have a generator to recharge phones or batteries. I did have a small cache of batteries for emergencies. When the mail started working, my gringo friends from a PC gaming community sent me so much food, batteries and water that I was able to share for weeks with my neighbors. I fed 4 families with their supplies. I love those guys. But I digress; thing is, for real emergencies common batteries are a must. The Rovyvon A8 USB-C really looks nice tho. Maybe someday I can be able to get one.

  43. Damn, I recently got a fenix E2 on a AA battery, 160 lumen already seemed so much for such a little thing in my opinion. But I've been hiking in pitch-black forests with a 50 lumen wound up torch that lasted 5 minutes, so maybe I'm biased.

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