1. Looks so nice 😍🤘

  2. @glidrco is that a trainer???

  3. I really wish you guys were in the US. I am afraid to order anything intl until this virus hype fades out. I ordered from Lamnia recently and it’s been lost in space for over 2 weeks with the express shipping option,

  4. @remi_y4

  5. Have you guys thought about bushings?

  6. If only I weren’t so brooooke. Y’all have some great looking trainers.

  7. Can I take my hypathetical trainer through TSA @glidrco

  8. Can someone Give Me A Good Page Where i Can get These In germany :(😢

  9. Are they durable?

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  12. Invite me

  13. Reply
    i_am_the_anonymous__ April 19, 2020 at 9:45 am

    What about the giveaway?

  14. Any issues shipping to canada?

  15. What an actual beuty

  16. Still for sale?

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