1. I haven’t turned the fw3a on for 9 months now because it is useless. Got a zebra

  2. I love your videos man. You're true flashlight enthusiasm. keep doing exactly what your doing!

  3. Great review…
    Please suggest me some best pocket torch under 20 bucks

  4. More videos soon matt, we are all waiting 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. My Emisar D4V2 begs to differ with your title proclamation. I’ve used it for 6 months daily and won’t be seeking another for awhile.

  6. Compared to the Imalent DM70?

  7. I bought Panasonic NCR18650B battery for this flashlight. Is it good choice ?

  8. Thanks for the review! I bought one of these and one of your Convoy C8’s. Can’t wait to get them both!

  9. Just bought the FW4A based on your review. Great videos. Thank you!!

  10. Suggest reviewing Emisar and Noctigon lights. You're missing out.

  11. can you a top 5 lists for compact, thrower, flood flashlights please

  12. I have a few flashlights and my favorite is the olight M2R warrior pro 1800 lumens it's very impressive…. Nice review on your light it's very powerful

  13. do you have LUMINTOP FW21 PRO

  14. i am getting this one! i think this one is similar to astrolux ec01

  15. I just received my FW1A pro, 5 weeks after I ordered it, but man is it awesome!

  16. FW21 PRO?! I can’t wait to see that in action!!!

  17. Will always come back Matt you are the first true lumen man nobody has your love and dedication of flashlights like you do your amazing and a flashlight genius

  18. I have problem with my fw3a, but i love it

  19. Can you review the Nitecore E4k?

  20. I just want to point out that this light uses the same tail switch as the fw3a and that is a complete disaster. With only one way to interface with this light, you will find it coming on in your pocket all day long. You can talk about lockout mode all you want, but it is still defeated by simple presses of the button.
    If it's coming on in your pocket, I promise you that it can and will unlock in your pocket. I don't care if you're clipping it to the top of your pocket or which clip you use. I know this for a fact. I have tried all of the recommended modifications and made my own variations to each with no luck. Just riding 13 miles on my motorcycle with this light clipped into my front pocket cause me to have a hot pocket and virtually dead battery.
    That, is the flaw that ruins an awesome light. if you live in the real world you may want to find something that has a protected switch or at least one that requires some pressure

  21. how to riset to factory mod pls?

  22. Hi great video, do you have a lumintop fw1a pro 3500 lumen to compare to too, have you done a video on the fw1a pro? Trying to decide between the two thanks.

  23. Nice kitty kitty kitty. Thk you for this review I was looking for an EDC flashlight

  24. I got mine about a week ago. THIS LIGHT SUCKS. Its a weak ass 3600 lumens. I would not buy this light people.

  25. Nice review Martin. I spotted at 2:04 FW21PRO. It will be very interesting to see review of it.

  26. after 10 mins, you still hold that flash light?

  27. Lovely Chinese shill vid

  28. Just purchased mine. Thanks for the coupon code! Can't wait!

  29. It's nothing but a cheapie, low quality light.

    Best to spend more and go with the better, reputable flashlight makers like Olight, Fenix, Nitecore, Surefire.

  30. What is the runtime on turbo/max brightness. I can’t find the info anywhere. Inbound to a 2600 lumen light and it only runs for 2 minutes then drops to 800.

  31. is it better than the fw3a?

  32. Great review as always but I've learnt my lesson buying from nealsgadgets and I'll never shop there again, after sales service is non existent.

  33. Hey Matt iv really liked this since you posted it and given the other 2 iv purchased on your recommendation iv decided to buy it. I have several options when buying and I'm not at your level so can you explain what the cree option is? And what battery do you recommend I buy?


  34. Where can I buy this? I live in Sydney, Australia. The website says the Aussie vendor is

    http://www.hi-power.com but this domain is not available.

  35. I just got a light through the mail for review today and it was already on when I opened up the box! batteries at 2.7v oh my lord.

  36. If anyone knows if there is an LED upgrade for a Streamliight 3C, please let me know.

  37. "Everynight carry flashlight"

  38. Now I got to watch your lantern video.

  39. Hi Matt. I'm looking for a new EDC, and now I have a cruel doubt. I'm between a EDC18 and this FW4a. My question is: Wich of them will hold for more time, in around 800 lumen? Thanks in advance.

  40. Would love to see a comparison between the FW4A and the Noctigon KR4! Super similar lights, personally waiting to order the KR4 until the Japanese supply chain opens up so that the Nichia E21A emitters are available in the KR4.

  41. I’ve got one of these coming. Should be here sometime next week as the tracking says it’s left LA

  42. Mine on high power lasts about 2 minutes

  43. The neighbors are all waking up and moaning, “ohh Gawd he’s at it again!”

  44. Where are the FW3A and the FW4A lights made?

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