1. This is why I can't take Youtubers seriously: "This is my EDC bag". Then a month or two later another video same thing but with a different EDC bag. And another month or two later…. Christ you guys go through more bags than my wife does shoes lol. I remember someone using the term "gear queer" before and now I know why.

  2. “Nothing screams shoot me first” Awesome!

  3. Thank goodness you're a tech nerd because I needed to know if it'll fit my 17.3" Razor 🤙🏼

  4. People that carry everyday, how many times have you actually needed to pull your weapon. Whats the percentage?

  5. Hey dude love your videos. I don't know if you answer your messages on IG but I'm going to message you later about your holsters.

  6. That bag looks so AWESOME! Do they ever go on sale? Happy Birthday! love the taco and edc videos:)

  7. GOOD VID !! I have this bag and use is as an LE EDC bag, great product. your editing is on point!! I'm working so hard to get to that level. ill keep watching.

  8. this is crazy to think brands need to propose options to carry guns otherwise they sell less in the us like "hmm love e bag but i cannot put my gun anywhere, its a no go". the rest of the world is just like "oh seems a nice bag for hiking or for edc, let's buy it".

  9. Great video, and happy belated birthday! Any chance you're going to come out with a version of the Associate holster for a CZ P-10C with Streamlight TLR7? Thanks!

  10. Thank you for the video and your coupon code!! Big saving! I ordered mine today. Thanks again!

  11. Don’t use Nalgene anymore. The plastic is an endocrine disrupter, even though they use BPA-free. Highly recommend stainless steel.

  12. Love these vids as well as your overlander vids. Keep up the great work.

  13. Thank you for the excellent video! Love the new vertex bag.

  14. Everyone seems to forget to acknowledge you can carry on body and stillcarry a larger or secondary gun in the bag

  15. I live in a communist country so this wouldn’t be allowed, you may of heard of it, it’s called Australia.

  16. Hey man. Thank you so much for this review. I watched your previous one on the Gamut last year, and after watching this one, I decided to sell my Maxpedition Sitka as I need something a bit larger. I'm planing on having a similar setup, and am adding a removable dslr camera pouch in lieu of the laptop bag. Just placed my order using your discount code for the bag. Thanks again for the high value content. If you ever make it out to Austin, drinks are on me!

  17. Thanks for your videos. Just celebrated my birthday on the 12th. Thanks for all the awesome info

  18. Wil” this work while I’m robbing liquor stores? Last guy shot at me as I was running out. Luckily he missed.

  19. I have been a fan of your bag set up for a while and about 2 years ago took the inspiration of smaller pouches in your main bag. I have a pelican case for work and it is never a mess with that set up, each pouch keeps things nice and organized. Great stuff!

  20. Can you do a father day or birthday video for men only

  21. you should try hazard 4 pillbox bagpack dude !!!

  22. Yeah! I like it when you slap it! Slap it again lol!!

  23. When are you gonna do a vid on your range bag?

  24. Will the black and orange back clinger be coming back out? I’ve been waiting forever on it.

  25. What an awesome Backpack!

  26. You really need a promo code for Tacoma's. I bought one 6 months ago when I started following your stuff. It was only a SR5 and I couldn't handle not having addl features so I bought another one yesterday, TRD Sport 4×4. Dealer would not honor my LLOD code though….

  27. I don't ever wear a backpack…Why did I just watch a 30 minute video on one?

  28. Nice Video! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see more content 😊

  29. Add a travel size deodorant in the bottom inside pocket, and a couple of q-tips. Hotel rooms usually don’t have q-tips. I forget to put on deodorant all the time, and I hate water in my ears.

  30. what other companies make the Velcro Enclosures to slap on the non Velcro soft side of the back pack?

  31. Gods plaid for the win

  32. Happy Birthday Bro! Thanks for all of the content!

  33. Can you share the link to that external 500g hard drive you showed? Love it.

  34. That geen camo Vertx back pack is very nice.

  35. I have the black one, but now I wish I could have the green one. nice

  36. You ware me out. If I had a bag like that I would forget half the stuff I had in it. Thanks again for good video.

  37. I really like this bag! Color scheme is great! Thanks Mike, 👍🏻👍🏻

  38. That pen is one of the best I've used, it's perfect at work where i often find myself needing different colors/pencil.

  39. Nice backpack and armor!

  40. It's a shame that VERTX stuff is not available in Germany …… or can someone help me there …..?

  41. That DEagle just screams “shoot me first” in that side pocket! 😎😄

  42. I’d like to see your set up for a pure “survival bag”

  43. In my opinion i would probably add a prepaid debit/credit card, like you said in case you misplace/ loose or get you wallet stolen you have the cash in case you need but some places are not even excepting cash, you have a card to be able to use

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