Carrying Awesome EDC Gear Without Looking CRAZY – My Pockets, Mini Kit, and MacGyver Kit

Want to carry really cool gear without scaring your family and friends? This video is all about crafting a lightweight (but high-end) everyday carry that you can actually fit in your pockets/bags – no cargo pants required.

I cover what I carry in my pockets every day, the one-pound (ish) mini kit that lives in my backpack, and my MacGyver kit that I swap out for if I’m going on vacation or another adventure.

0:00 Intro
0:39 My EDC Philosophy
1:47 What Lives In Each of My Pockets
18:57 The Mini Kit That I Keep in My Backpack
32:05 My MacGyver Kit for Special Occasions
47:29 Conclusion

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    ///// FAQs /////

    I'm seeing lots of questions/statements repeated in the comments over time, so here are some honest answers to the questions and criticisms I see the most…

    — "It looks like you've never used this stuff!" —

    Honestly, I just take good care of my gear. The stuff in my pockets definitely gets the most use, while the stuff in my kits may only get used once or twice a week. Also, since it lives in a nice kit, it just doesn't get banged up.

    Several have said that my Benchmade knives still look new, but I've had them both for the past 1-3 years, and use them several times a day. I think the cerakote has just held up surprisingly well, and I don't use them in a hard-use environment most of the time. (Let's be real – it's a lot of opening packages and cutting strings and stuff, haha)

    — "You can't expect us to believe you carry all of those kits in your pockets every day!" —

    I don't, haha! Make sure you listen to the video 🙂 The first part is what I carry in my pockets (with a few options in each category that I rotate through), and the kits either live in my backpack, car, or go bags depending on the circumstance. I don't carry the kits in a cargo pocket or something.

    — "You carry 3 knives?!" —

    Nope – make sure to listen to my explanation 🙂 I just carry one knife on me, but I discuss my top three most carried options as part of this and why I went with those options.

    — "You're telling me to buy a $[NUMBER] knife?!" —

    Nope. I worked my way up to that Benchmade 940 over time because I enjoy the Axis lock, love how it carries and how it feels in my hands. (I also think it looks cool) Bought it a year or two ago with a bunch of gift cards I had laying around. Knife culture is expensive, and the two benchmades I showed are actually kind of mid-tier price wise if you go to a big knife shop. Depending on your use case, how often you lose stuff, and how different blades feel in your hand, you may be just as happy with a $20 knife or may want a $400 knife. I have a video coming going over tons of options for $15 and up soon!

    — "I can build this whole thing for $20!!!" —

    Maybe. This isn't a video about building the CHEAPEST EDC kits. It's a video about what I actually carry and the kits I've built over time. You can probably build something similar for cheaper, sure. But, I try to explain why and how I chose each item in the video.

    — "You spent [NUMBER] on all of that?!" —

    What you're seeing here is an EDC and different kits that I've built over YEARS, not in one week. This has been about a 5 year hobby for me where I've collected gear, received some as presents, and traded for stuff I like over time. As with any other hobby, sure, values add up over time, and you make some splurge purchases (those tactical tweezers I picked up on a whim, for instance).

  2. Wow, that MacGyver Kit is especially impressive! It just kept coming!

  3. Nah. Too much stuff. Wallet, phone, knife and American silver eagle. That's all you need.

  4. having a knife as a "show piece" for EDC is something I never will aspire to.

  5. Yes effing thank you….the GTFO bracelet is slept on tooo much…thank you for being the first EDC YouTuber I've seen mention it!

  6. Great stuff!! The micropen is a wonder-I thought I was the only one!!

  7. I guess I'm a crazy person 🤷 I wear cargos and all pockets have something in them

  8. Why would anyone carry three different knifes throughout the day? 🤯

  9. $99 for a pen? That's when I stopped watching.

  10. 3:40 looks like it would glow in the dark

  11. Holy cow does anybody seriously sit and watch all 48 minutes of that? Honestly this video should have been no more than 10 to 15 minutes.

  12. I call BS on you saying you use your knives everyday a few times. I had the same knife and I use mine everyday and it does look nowhere near as new as yours. Quit lying to viewers.

  13. Another great knife to recommend is the QSP Penguin. They start at like $35 for the base liner lock model up to the titanium frame lock for just north of $100. It’s a superb value and not junk.

  14. The number of people who talk about each and don't start with a gun always surprises me. For me its a glock 17, magpul sleeve wallet, maybe two 24rd magazines, a pen and a notepad, a knife and that's it

  15. You need benadryl in that med kit, it can literally stop a fatal allergic reaction! Even if you don't have any known allergies, it's worth having. The pseudophed will not help with that. It has no antihistamine action.

  16. Spyderco Manix knives have the same locking mechanism as the first two knives you showed, but can be purchased for significantly less than either of them.

  17. LoL, nothing to do… nothing!

  18. One thing you should add to your pack is flagging tape people might think I'm crazy but believe me it will come in handy add that to your EDC kit dancing on how many times that has helped my family and it could help others

  19. Pocket stuff and kit 1 are mostly tacticool. Useful stuff is wallet, knife, flashlight, handkerchief, pen, 3×5 index cards, maybe the squirt.
    Kit 1 has a few worthwhile items. Kit 2 is where it's at.

  20. I tried one of those slim wallets for 6 months. I was constantly worried about losing a card. That wallet is in the garbage now. I need one that closes and keeps my cards safe.

  21. The icloths are one of those double purpose items. 1 flick of your Bic and they will light right up for a fire starter because of the alcohol in them.

  22. $100 for a pen?… $250 for a pocket knife? Hell no!!
    One thing i do carry with me everyday is that Olight I1R keychain flashlight. It's one of the best purchases i have made in a long time. I use it almost everyday and it's surprisingly powerful considering how small it is.

  23. Absolute hack for this pouch:
    Put the zip ties in the little gap of the lining/piping on the middle, they fiddle through the lining and follow along the shape of the pouch. Really tiny detail but it cheers me up knowing that there is this perfect space where they don't fly around 😀

  24. good handkerchiefs are MASSIVELY underrated

  25. I've never seen so much useless stuff to carry around every day, all day long. Did I mention that it is all extremally expensive….100$ ball point pen, 25$ handkerchief and so on. This stuff is ALL made to SELL….not to use! GOOFY stuff, goofy guy!

  26. If you're just joining the psycho club of carrying knives and shagging people for the funs, yea welcome.

  27. One thing I hate more then anything is when ppl use sponsors and make sure too even bring out stickers and all that mess 🤦‍♂️ I guess I need too do a true EDC video that real and build a cheap kit too show ppl the best cheapest kit. Your everyday carry can be done for what it take for your little sponsored pin that you keep bringing up 😂 also as far as knife one can get a much better knife that’s razor sharp and holds a better edge for $35-50 that’s 100% better then all 3 you shown. Stop using sponsors and trying too screw ppl over! I truly question your capabilities on prepping and all this money you and your team are trying too take from ppl is just insane. Please ppl don’t fall for this bs it’s not needed you can get much better or the same for super cheap and save tons of money! For the prices in this video buy a handgun and go search the internet and by a full buyout backpack with food and still have money left and more supplies 🤣 just saying don’t get ripped off

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