2020 is here and there are a few things that I've upgraded in my life to make things a bit easier...Enjoy!! source

Is this the best minimalist EDC for a person in 2020? Everyday carry is a choice, what will yours be? #edc #everydaycarry #edcknife #edc2020 Follow me on ... ...

It's 2020 and time for an EDC update!!! Check it out!! Thank you for watching. source

List of my everyday carry items and tools, this is my first video on a new camera.I repeatedly kept saying uh and um so sorry, i will try to work on that ...

All Products Linked Below! 1. iPhone 11 - 2. Surphy iPhone 11 Case - 3. PopWallet ... source

My 2020 EDC | EVERYDAY CARRY | MY LOADOUT! Quite a few big updates from my 2019 EDC. 2020 Features a new knife, new light, and more! If you are ... source

Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this vid. New subscribers can get 20% off their first box by using my code BEST20. Join the club: ... source

This is a quick and dirty EDC Pocket dump from one of the @EDCCooperative founders on the Second of March 2020.... Featuring: iPhone X in otterbox ... source

In this video I go over what I carry off duty and talk a little bit about why. What's in your EDC? What do you think of mine? Leave a comment below! ...

Wranglerstar updates his 2020 EDC Everyday Carry. Get You Alexapure Water Filter Here Spyderco Para 3 Olight ... source

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In this video I share my essential, minimalist everyday carry for professionals. I've been carrying each item on this list (under 10 items) everyday so I'm ...

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