DAAAAHHH!!! Gerber Knives: The Potential & The Issues! Everyday Carry – #edcvideos

Gerber has upped their game in the last few years, but they need to finish stronger than they currently are. I like all of these items in this video, but they do have …


  1. I have the Suspension, I haven't had much opportunity to use all the tools but when I tested the saw it died cut through small diameter sticks but it required alot of effort. my Shard could have had a better phillips tip on it still functional

  2. I am disappointed with Gerber. I really like the design of almost every product but the quality is always an issue. I just broke my Gerber Dime screw driver just for applying a little pressure on it, the steal is very soft. A lot of potential but a mediocre finish.

  3. On point about the StrongArm. They knocked it out of the park. The fastball knife was not bad either. They have gotten better, but I think they could get rid of a lot of their junk and just concentrate on good quality items. As you said, the potential is there. What is holding them back? It’s not laziness or incompetence. Better R&D? They seem to do well with military and LEO stuff like the StrongArm, 06 Auto, Downrange Tomahawk etc. maybe take a cue from that team who develops that gear and push the philosophy company wide? Great video!

  4. Gerber has one good product, it's the strong arm. Other than that gerber might as well give up. They arent even trying to cater to the outdoor or hobbiest knife user. All they produce now is gimmicks.

  5. I can agree as well. With the exception of their tools and gear that are focused built for the military, they miss that extra effort quality and last mile functionality. I original purchased a “Bear” branded Multi-tool for my girl for our adventures. This was just replace with a Leatherman Signal (Customized, nice touch) for that exact factor. Solid quality and that last mile functionality. The only product I carry of theirs, since in service, is the strongarm. That is a price per square inch purchase that I am comfortable using as esee just isn’t in the budget yet.

  6. Can't disagree with a single word, Tim. They have a formula.
    Great Designs + Terrible Materials + Inconsistent QC = GERBER.

  7. I’ve noticed the too tight clip on some other brands as well. You are correct they should not be like that.

  8. I have personally been to their American factory and the thoughts about how products come along are a lot more complex than the market will ever understand. Personally for me, the pocket clip has never damaged my pants, nor has anyone that I know. And the Armbar is suppose to be a modern Swiss Army knife. Nobody complains about Swiss Army knives in the pocket. Seems like you are nitpicking. Also, gerbers 420hc and S30v are heat treated in the same place as leatherman and Benchmade, literally the same Rockwell as those company’s that nobody complains about them. It’s only when the product that is made in the same factory as sanrenmu and ganzo says Gerber on it, then people complain because of the bear grylls Line that they haven’t extended since 2013. I’m tired of people calling out Gerber for irrelevant things that do not apply to them as a company exclusively. People have become sheep for Spyderco and Benchmade, who aren’t even trying anymore. Most of the complains I’ve heard about soft steel are literally all factually false because I know that that same person loves a knife of which blade is heat treated in the same place as that Gerber they hate. It’s all psychological brother, you have bitten the community who doesn’t even use the knives they fidget with’s bullet

  9. Hello, Gerber could do better, but should they up their game not to be like Emerson that won't do payment plans, as not everyone who they're built off of now don't have the ability to pay such a chunk at one time, and to not care is criminal (IMHO)!!! Take care, "God Bless", sincerely, Randy. 👍👍🙏😇👊
    P.S.: BTW, never like folding cleavers, not so useful, more for showoffs! L8TR!!!

  10. I have a hard time paying a premium price for a Gerber. Some cool designs though.

  11. I was planning get me two armbar drives, but no lock on tha screw driver, and that stopped me from getting an extra. They do have the potential and I'm willing to pay that extra for a full locking armbar drive. Hopefully they come with greater version

  12. Herbert does a great job at being what they are, cheaper knives that a good quality, that you don’t care that you beat up on, break or lose.

    I use my Gerbers daily for boxes and take them camping, along with my Gerber hatchet and machete. The knives keep their edge for a decent amount of time, the hatchet and machete last for a few camping trips chopping up fire wood before I have to clean up the edges.

    They’re a high volume company, so I don’t think the higher end knife product is much of a growth market for them.

    But if they do decide to reach into that market I think they’ll dominate it since they already have so much reach.

  13. The Armbar Drive looked like my dream tool until i realized they made a perfect pocket sized tool and skipped the pocket clip. I only have lower end knives so steel type don't matter to me as long as they work.

  14. Your main point is so true. I bought the center drive despite the stupid advertisement video – what a great multitool BUT, after some time of carrying it in my backpack, which maybe got wet two or three times a little and dried out, the round bolt that holds the tool together was rusty and it broke as i tried to open the knive. It is beyond me how they can mess up such a good product. I hope, that they can improve the quality further because I really like most of the products.

  15. Gerber has a few better items recently but the cheap handle materials, garbage steel and poor QC just kills them. Their multitools, a few USA made folding knives and fixed blades are good but the still need to step it up a bit to redeem their image. SOG, Buck and Kershaw are making better stuff in the same price category.

  16. I like USA made. I will pay a little more for this. I like that they have affordable knives. I have a few Benchmade knives. The pagan sucks. I paid around three hundred for that knife and it has sucked from day one. They tried to make me send it to them through an ffl dealer. So no more Benchmade knives for me. Over priced anyway. But I have about ten Gerber knives so far.

  17. Sad that Gerber is content to pump out gas station knives. I like Boker's way of having 3 distinct product lines – Boker Magnum, Boker Plus and Boker, for budget, good quality and high end.

  18. Dead agree. They always find a way for me to pass on their products, even when I really like the at first. They usually have some good ideas, then they screw it up. They really should take a sampling of their customers before they release their stuff.

  19. Their baby food is still really good, EXCEPT for the split pea- they stopped at ok on that flavor.

  20. Bro I have been saying for years and yo boy Aaron at gid tac vids that gerbers company wants volume sales not selling good products. Listen to thier stock holds calls and you will see whats really going on

  21. 100% agree. Was just thinking about this yesterday hiking with my strongarm.Have had a prodigy for years, loved it (hate the serrations though). Gator fixed, love it.Strongarm, love it, a go-to hiking blade. If they made more bush oriented blades in better steels, they would compete with the tried and true Beckers and Esses. Just replaced my much abused 6yr old gator jnr machete with a new one and after 2 mins of work the blade had 3 massive wrinkles in the edge and was unusable. Went back to the tramontina. Come on gerber, you can do it! Love the vids tim

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