Daily J Episode 2020-001 J’s Everyday Carry (EDC Pocket Dump – June 2020) – #edcvideos

Just got back from the gym and decided to share my EDC (Everyday Carry) which is also called “What’s in My Pockets” by some folks. It is important for me to be …


  1. My god…and I thought I carried too much in my EDC 😂

  2. Why am I sitting here for five minutes so far, listening to you empty your purse and telling us everything that's in it?

  3. Good basic kit but, no non lethal? Ie pepper spray? Your still goin to the gym?

  4. Nice set up, I was looking into getting that LCP 2 to carry in my pocket. That or a snubby

  5. flashlight understandable. pills are clear. the keys are many, but understandable. but cubes, there are 6 pieces ?? what for .. ? =)

  6. Really, in the grand scheme of things, you’re not carrying too terribly much if you’d just leave out those 3 big ol carabiners on your belt. Do you sound like a belly dancer when you walk around? 🤪 But, if it works for you, it works for you, regardless of what us keyboard ninjas say. Great vid

  7. That is too much in my opinion

  8. Hey. I like your channel and your style of videos, can you give me hints how to have a successful channel like you. I’m in Florida now but will be moving back to NY soon. Could you subscribe back if you like my content on my channel.


  9. You carry all of this stuff everyday?

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