EDC, everyday carry….or the stuff that's in my pocket? – #edcvideos

EDC, everyday carry….or the stuff that’s in my pocket My last video in case you missed it Head to …


  1. Great video Paul, stay safe.

  2. Have you got a link to the tripod please

  3. Thats a really cool little tripod, never seen something so small i have a small tripod for my yt but its not that compact. For me I never leave the house without a either my victorinox mini champ on my keys or a full size champ on my belt, that and a lighter or firesteel, the other half ribs me mercilessly for doing it but is always the first to want to use it hahah. you have some beautiful scenery up there, I'm lucky to be in Bristol which is never too far from some green space, cheers for sharing

  4. Does the sun ever shine or is it a myth. 32c in Darwin cooler Month's

  5. Hi Paul hope your well. That Joby phone stand – can you unscrew the tripod legs from the clamp that holds the phone? Or is it all one piece? Cheers.

  6. If you want a laugh, go on the edc reddit. Seems a lot of people carry guns and knives on their person everyday. It's rather entertaining.

  7. Great video! It's liberating watching a video without guns and knives! They will probably not work in protecting one from the Covid-19!!
    Greetings from Sweden!

  8. I can't believe you don't take a means of starting a fire, a Swiss Army knife (even just for the tools) or a flashlight (torch) in your pockets. All you carry are phone, camera, and electrical parafinailia. This can only mean that you don't go anywhere to film your videos…you are basically in your backyard, or you are just unprepared for any emergency at all and depend on your cell phone for help in a pinch.
    I'm sorry, but aside from some pleasant scenery in your videos, your credit as a outdoorsman has dropped to zero, and any recommendations that you make regarding equipment and outdoor oriented activities have no real value.

  9. that tripod is a cool bit of kit

  10. Nice vid Paul, a few nice little items in particular the tripod (epic). I'll deffo be picking your brains soon 😊. Atb mate

  11. could you do a video of the best spirit or gel fuel for Trangia spirit cooker, or whether gas is better? not sure which to invest in for a camp this summer, would be much appreciated

  12. Thanks Paul great tips as always. I was expecting to see a little first aid kit but I guess you carry that in your back pack.

  13. Hi! Paul, as viewers are always asking your opinion on kit, may I take the opportunity to warn your viewers about a company called Clayben.

    They produce 'tactical' and outdoor clothing for the hiking and camping market.

    After watching their video on Instagram I ordered a pair of their waterproof 'tactical' trousers, as they stated it was the same as the marines wore.

    On receipt of the product, I found it differed from the example in the video. It was a thin and cheap material and had a scratchy feeling to the touch.

    Washing them made them a bit more comfortable but on the third day of wearing them I discovered a large hole in the front pocket. So large that I was able to put all four fingers of my hand through, without force or bending them.

    On closer examination I found the stitching had failed on the seam and closer examination revealed poor stitching and incomplete stitching and loose threads on other areas of the product.

    I contacted their customer service and was initially told they would put it right. Next day I received another email suggesting I give the product to friends or family as a gift, or alternatively try to resell it myself.

    I wrote back stating this was not acceptable. They replied offering me 10% refund and stating it would cost me $20 to return the product in the post.

    I pointed out to them that I would not have to return the product if their quality control was doing its job properly.

    Today I received another email offering 15% refund which I have rejected.

    On searching for online reviews of this company I found over one hundred reviews, (on one site alone), all complaining. Many of non receipt of product, fake shipment codes, shoddy product and awful customer service.

    Many reflected exactly my experience with this company.

    I am taking the issue up with Trading standards and PayPal. In the meantime I would warn your viewers to avoid this company like the plague and to buy products locally, where you can view and handle the items before purchase. Or alternatively only buy online from reputable companies with a proven track record that stands by their products.

    The company advertises on Instagram and other platforms and they appear to be targeting the hiking and camping community.

    Thank you for your time. I didn't want any fellow camping and hiking enthusiasts to be ripped off by the shabby behaviour of this company.

    Take care all of you and stay safe and well.

  14. Excellent video as always paul, love the phone, microphone, and stand. Are your walking trousers Montane Men's Terra Pant or Super Terra pants ???? Could you do a reveiw on them…

  15. We need more TLA's….(Three Letter Abbreviations) :o)

  16. Hey Paul, Can we go wild camping now?

  17. Knives and lighters are a normal part of EDC setups But, EDC is not a one size fits all. You don't carry those things because you don't need them. Someone like me that lives in the woods and uses my knives daily for various tasks I carry them daily. I love seeing other people's systems. Your filming setup is nice it is giving me some great ideas for my haversack.

  18. In the US many would include a 9mm GLOCK, an extra high capacity magazine, a Leatherman multitool, lighter, etc.

  19. Thanks Paul for your videos.

  20. Hi Paul. I was tagged by Kevin Outdoors for the bannock challenge. Is it ok to tag you? Will be filming today. Have sent you an IG message. Cheers.

  21. “The stuff that goes in my pockets” love it!

    Finally treated myself to a JetBoil certainly doesn’t go in a pocket but wow what a piece of kit.

  22. Another fantastic video! Have you seen the Helm 1 compact? I’m starting wild camping once restrictions allow me to and I’m thinking of having this as my first tent, thoughts?

  23. Looks like more interesting walking than south Suffolk lol

  24. Good stuff Paul, good bit of gear you carry, yeah acronyms drive me mad just say what is like yourself, thanks for sharing keep safe 👍

  25. Check your gaff mate , very lucky

  26. And the award for ‘best video title’ goes to… Paul Messner
    Keeping it real

  27. High P., i hope nomal times come soon. Kindly Fiete

  28. Brilliant love the Apple set up and tripod and mic. Not managed to buy any hand sanitiser, since before last Christmas.
    But the carrying of knives is not wrong. It’s the idiot behind it that’s the problem. I’ve carried knives since I was 4/5 I’m 63, at school in Sheffield we all had them, no one was stabbed. It’s the mentality now adays.

    Nice little edc carry kit.

  29. Great little recap Paul. I'm with you on the iPhone and AirPods. Always have them with me. The 11Pro Max is excellent for video recording. You should check out the DoubleTake app for recording from front and back iPhone lenses at the same time. I went for a slightly bigger tripod. The Joby Telepod All-in-one is excellent. (bit big to carry in my pocket though). I like the look of the Mini Joby. I opted for the Apple Watch series 5. Agree it's not as rugged as yours but Spigen do a nice rugged armour case for £10 for the Apple Watch, so that offers the protection I need, I use Viewranger on that too. Do you use the Skyline feature for Viewranger? Keep up the great work.

  30. hi, nice video. Which trousers do you use?

  31. Very simple and minimal. I love it Paul 👍🏻

  32. Great stuff…the phone vloging set up is superb 👍

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