EDC My Every Day Carry 2019

A quick video showing off the items carry with me every day and why.


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47 thoughts on “EDC My Every Day Carry 2019”

  1. Dude I absolutely love your videos, love your "EDC ideology" so to speak and love the frank no bs language you use. I'm trying to find a better EDC knife and was a little put off by some of the prices of these things. Right now I'm carrying one of those little tanto s&ws with the paracord grip, usually in my pocket with that garbage neck strap just wrapped around my belt loop a ton of times and just rammed in my pocket (the only iwb gun holster clip I ever used failed on me multiple times during practice draws so I've shifted away since but i wont throw the holster co under the bus because why, right?). Does the knife clip you mentioned come on specific knife and gun holsters? Would love to try them out.

  2. The knife is AUS-8. I do not like the steel at all but I do like a couple of the Headhunter knives. No way that I would buy an AUS-8 blade for $500. Maybe $50.

    I like several knives better than that knife:
    – Bradford Guardian 3 or 4 in M390
    – Winkler knives/Jason Knight WKII Pathfinder in 80CrV2
    – Emerson Tactical Kwaiken fixed blade in 154CM
    – KA-BAR / EK – Jarosz boot knife
    in S35VN

    If over 4 inches
    – Spyderco Jumpmaster 2 in fully serrated H1
    – RMJ Tactical Raider Dagger in 3V
    – Neill Schutte CUSTOM 8 inch dagger in M390
    – Cold Steel Tai Pan, 3V

  3. Going to buy my hk p30L today thanks to you. Saw your first unboxing video and was immediately hooked. I know you sort of turned in it later, but I’ve still gotta have it.
    You’ve gotten me back into firearms and I really enjoy your videos. Appreciate your excellent reviews.
    Now send me some swag- it’s my birthday next week, and you’re one of the reasons I’m spending my retirement savings on pistols (wink).

  4. Hey Honest Outlaw, I’ve got a gun review request… Dan Wesson TCP in 9mm. It’s the latest offering from Dan Wesson and it’s hands down their best. Similar to a specialist just prettier with more custom options. Just throwing it out there… love the channel.

  5. Blows my mind that your videos get demonetized. They're just gun reviews, you rarely use profanity, you don't say anything controversial or anything. I get that firearms are a hot button issue, but does YouTube expect us to believe there aren't any firearms companies that wouldn't LOVE to advertise on a channel like yours? Fascists.

  6. I sympathize about your Achilles. I busted mine some time ago and it's WORSE than breaking your leg. It snapped like a rubber band. My ortho said it rolled up my calf. The recovery is just too damn long and it took me two effin years to be able to run like before.


  7. Just got a CZ P07 it rocks Big time and a shield 380EZ I dig it to but shoots low and left strange since I'm Left handed. Did you find the EZ to do the same in your review?

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