1. Totally came here cause I saw EDC 2020 and thought it meant the music festival. Interesting video though thank you for the wallet info.

  2. I’ve been carrying money in my phonecase since the beginning of Smartphones

  3. I use the 5.11 traverse belt in the grey color and I carry an olight s1 mini and schrade pry bar tool.

  4. What the actuall hell. This paranoid mf’er is like nothing I’ve ever seen lmao

  5. Welcome back, nice to see again mr, prepper. Nice to see in youtube again, , happy newyear 2020

  6. Shook my head when Sootch said “we’re ALLOWED to”!!! Our rights are in jeopardy when we have to see if we are allowed to carry something even a knife. Our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. Keep it up Sootch. Love your videos.

  7. Like the cigar addition. I smoke gurkha and plascencia cigar mainly.

  8. Too much Mr sootch.. keys, spyderko pocket knife, fisher space pen, cell phone with Id pocket on back, g19 done

  9. Can’t stand a phone in the back pocket

  10. Lost me at “Hummer key”

  11. There is no way I'd carry all that stuff everyday. Props to you for always carrying that much stuff.

  12. I haven't had good luck with the keybar. Mine always had to bang again against my dashboard and loosen up. Having to tighten it was a turd.

  13. You guys carry way too much crap. All you need is one of everything. One gun, one knife, wallet, watch, pen and phone. Your phone has a flashlight so you don't need a flashlight. It's built in. You don't need 3 knives. You don't need 2 guns. You guys carry way too much crap.

  14. That is the best EDC i have seen.

  15. That pistol I try in the pawn shop and for my was so hard to hit the magazine realease bottom so hard and I said naaa I get a Glock 43x no problem soft and easy for everything

  16. Awesome video. I just hope your microtech LUDT doesn't fail you like mine did. I owned mine for two months and may have opened it 250 times and some internal piece broke causing the knife not to open. I also thought they were built like tanks, but I was wrong. However their customer service was good. Great video!

  17. So depressed! Smooch has gone to the dark side. He’s now carrying a Sig P365. ? I’m so sorry Glock!!!

  18. Nice stick after getting all your preps in order…

  19. I'm left leaning and I Like watching your vlog. Should I watch left leaning vlog only.. Proud American

  20. Better watch hanging all that stuff off your car keys….ask me how I know.

  21. Great video! Which Carhartt pants are those? Thanks in advance!

  22. Dude, Flint and steel?!? Just carry a couple bics!

  23. Look forward to this every year. All the best for 2020 form your fan down in South Africa sir.

  24. Great EDC Setup, i like the Microtech Knife.
    Greetings from Germany

  25. All I carry is my car keys,phone, and my buttplug with a horses tail on the end ??

  26. Why carry a $300 knife? I have carried a Case XX trapper for 40 years and it has never failed me.

  27. Carry condoms for ultra protection.

  28. Glad you finally left the G26 back in 2015 where it belongs….

  29. Great EDC list. Thanks for the demonstration. I am going to research assault stories.

  30. Nice EDC,suggest getting a wallet with RFID chip reader protection..people can get your card number from feet away.

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