EDC Update 2022: Returning to Work with a Revised Everyday Carry

The author has shared their essential items for their everyday carry (EDC) to help people prepare for going back to the office in 2022. Here are some of the items that they carry:

• Handmade leather wallet
Everyday carry pen
• EDC office bag
• EDC flashlight

They also mention their preferred technology items including:

• Huawei P30 Lite smartphone
Sony Bluetooth headphones
Kindle Paperwhite e-reader
Anker PowerCore power bank

Additionally, they share the equipment they use for their videos, such as their cameras, lenses, microphones, and tripods. Finally, they provide their social media handles for people to connect with them.

Overall, the author’s EDC items are practical and serve a range of purposes, from staying organized at work to capturing great footage for their videos. Their choices can serve as a helpful guide for those looking to streamline their office essentials.

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  1. THE EMERGENCY TIE IS GENIUS!! how have i not thought about it before?!
    Also, have you thought about adding a victorinox to your edc?

  2. For the jingling you could get /make a leather key wrap. Also if you want to slim down your pen carry you could consider the Skilcraft B3 Aviator pen – it has blue and red ink, and pencil. You could swap the red out for a black.

  3. Interesting video.
    You engineer or something? I kinda have similar stuffs with you.
    I strongly suggest though to include an laser measure or apple phone, because there is app in apple that can measure anything using its camera.

  4. Any chance for you to produce and sell a few walets like yours?

  5. Nice video! Definitely wasn't expecting the phone choice.

  6. ρ尺oΜ𝐎ᔕᗰ 🤭

  7. For the key jingles you could wrap the pry bar in some nice leather to match the edc theme!

  8. Hey odd question did you lose the laptop cuz I just found the laptop sitting on the curb and the name on it is James Graves and that's your name so I thought you know hey what are the odds

  9. Back to the office EDC List: 1) Watch 2) Wallet 3) Phone 4) Keychain Swiss Army Knife – recommended – 58mm Midnite MiniChamp – why? It contains the most useful tools you might need in the course of the day at the office & to and from work and since it has both a Flashlight & a Pen in its scales ( handles ) it eliminates the need to carry those 2 additional items thus saving weight & pocket space 5) Briefcase or small shoulder bag for documents & any other items actually needed for work & of course small food & drink items if your employer does not provide canteen facilities. In my last place of employment ( I am now retired ) where I worked for 34 1/2 years advancing up the greasy pole from clerical to managerial level this was my daily EDC albeit the mobile phone was added in the last 25 years and I also carried a 2nd larger gentleman's knife usually a 84mm Victorinox Bantam or an Silver Alox scaled 84mm Cadet & I live in a country ( Israel ) where there is no limitation on blade size or locking mechanism ( unlike the UK – the country of my birth & education ) or on carrying a legally licensed firearm ( by virtue of my IDF combat service I qualify to carry a firearm but don't currently own one ). The point about EDC is it should be minimal, consist of items that you will actually use & mostly be pocket carry & not likely to give you a hernia.

  10. What was the brief case again? How big is it?

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