Episode 2: What’s on My Desk for Everyday Carry Fly Tying?

Fly Tying Everyday Carry Video features Curtis Fry, a knowledgeable fly tyer, showcasing his everyday tying tools on his desk. Despite the tools being dusty, Curtis has over 30 years of experience in fly tying. The video showcases the following products that Curtis uses daily:

• Tiemco Razor Scissors
• Loon Zippy Hair Stacker
• C&F Design Hackle Pliers
• Stonfo Comb & Brush Tool
• Loon Ergo Bodkin
• C&F Design Bobbin
• Tiemco Dual Midge Whip Finisher
• Hareline Feather Prepper
• Hareline Jr. Feather Prepper
• Stonfo Elite Rotodubbing Twister

Fly Fish Food, the channel on which the video is hosted, provides online subscription services and gear reviews for its audience, who can follow them on Instagram and Facebook. To purchase any of the featured tools, refer to the links provided in the description.

In summary, the video focuses on displaying the range of everyday tying tools a seasoned fly tyer, Curtis Fry, uses when at the vise. Alongside showcasing the tools in the video, Fly Fish Food provides gear reviews and other online tutorials for those interested in tying their flies.

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  1. I dont find hackle pliers to be that useful. They either break the feather, or slip off.

  2. I use hackle pliers for sure

  3. Curtis…too strange, I use those exact tools with 1 exception and consider them as you do.

  4. I use hackle pliers, though not as much as I used to. Seems my tying leans more to streamers and poppers these days which, of course, call for hackle I can wrap by hand. I have several different types, including my first going back to 1961. Yup, Herter's. Only thing I have left from the Herter's days, except memories.

  5. Forty years ago I watched Lee Wulff tie a #18 spider using his fingers as the vice. Hook, feather, thread, fingers and a lot of experience. It was an honour to be in the presence of fly fishing “royalty.”

  6. I don’t use hackle pliers that often, but would consider using the c&f tool since the risk of breaking materials is reduced.

  7. what scissors will cut gsp? i love but hate gsp esp when its time to cut it.

  8. I hardly ever use hackle pliers.

  9. thoughts: 5 cheap bobbins beats 1 expensive bobbin ………..or…. several chap bobbins and one nicer bobbin with the most used thread (light colored thread that takes markers well)

  10. Thanks Curtis. I have used the same hackle pliers since I started tying in 1986. They are the simple wound spring type one in standard and one in midge size.

  11. I use a doran hackle plier and an old tiemco version . The Doran are very easy to use.

  12. I need a pair like that but I am a big fan of hackle pliers esp for dries and buggers and when using smaller marabou to palmer.

  13. Enjoying the heck out of these

  14. I use hackle pliers for soft hackle flies and dubbing loops but not for pheasant tails

  15. My hackle pliers are the old school ones that are like a roach clip!

  16. In addition to the very basic spring loaded hackle pliers I have a Loon ergo hackle plier that I reach for more often than not. And I LOVE my Stonfo comb/brush tool.

  17. C&F hackle pliers all day long for me and I have been converted to that midge whip finisher for a few years now as well. I only use the standard size on flies with legs in the way of the head.

  18. I use hackle pliers but it’s hard to squeeze as I get older. Love the ones you have.

  19. No doubt C&F make many quality tools. Pursuant to your request, I like the J. Dorin Hackle pliers. One major driver for handling delicate soft hackles and/or after shaft filoplumb feathers is the weight of pliers. The Dorin pliers are lightweight and hold true.

  20. I'm excited to try the fly pole I just bought from you guys.

  21. I use hackle pliers… the same C&F shown.

  22. Yes, I use hackle pliers. I have the same C&F as in this video, and I got it for the same reasons stated. I love the little bit of give that they have, as well as the polished loop. It makes adding hackle very simple and easy.

  23. Surprised not to see the Swiss Multi-tool or CDC-clamp in your EDC fly tying tools.

  24. I use those exact hackle pliers and have used them primarily for wrapping biot bodies for instance on parachute adams abdomens. Now I’ll try them for hackles on flies like Renegades,etc.

  25. Good quality tools make tying flies soo much more precise. And lessens the chances of materials becoming troublesome. Other than the vice. Scissors and hackle pliers are two tools to never skimp on.

  26. My favourite bobbin holder is the one by Frank Materelli. I've got two of them. Since they are not available for some 15 years now, I have been searching for a similar style & size. I recently found it in the Tiemco ceramic midge tip. Very fine tube for precise wrapping, similar size and surprisingly affordable.

  27. I use the same C&F Hackle Pliers.

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