Essential Tarpology Tools: My Daily Carry for 2021

The video “Tarp Essentials, My Everyday Carry 2021, Tarpology” showcases the author’s EDC tarpaulin and how they use it. The video includes bonus footage of the author’s EDC loadout and survival tips.

The author uses an Evenk hitch to set up their EDC tarp to shelter from bad weather. They explain that the tarp option they carry with them every day is ideal for solo adventures such as fishing and hunting.

The video includes a list of items to buy that the author also carries in their EDC backpacking gear. They list a Helikon poncho, an MSR pocket rocket, a Nalgene water bottle, a Stanley nesting cup, a Millbank bag, a survival bag, a foil blanket, and a DD XL Tarp.

The author highlights the benefits of their EDC tarpaulin via bullet points and provides practical tips for packing it away. They also mention that the video is another edition to their popular Tarpology series. The audience is meant to enjoy the video and learning about the author’s EDC tarp.

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  1. A 'Woobie' is a quilted blanket with tie-offs that can be fastened to the eyelets inside of the Poncho. After doing so, if you fold it in half and snap it together, you'll have a waterproof sleeping bag. You can even throw it over your head when it rains. It's waterproof unless you get a leak where your head is placed. At this point, you've already secured the outlet for your head, but sometimes, it leaks. However, the quilted blanket is also somewhat water resistant. So….you have a lower profile and your highest point is when you're sleeping on your side. There's no tent in that case. When you need to hurry, just get out of it, roll it up and you're on your way. You'll probably be sleeping with your boots on in this case. The Commander probably said, 'Be ready to move quickly'. You'll be sleeping with one eye open.

  2. Love the channel mate!!! Sorry to see you taking a break but I totally understand!!! Nest of luck and be well!!! Hope to see you back soon!!

  3. I dont know what you replaced that bag with but Ive always used and loved Mystery Ranch packs.

  4. Excellent video series you've provided, thanks for that. My suggestion for a new pack is the Mystery Ranch Blitz 35, and the small Pack Fly as a rain cover for it. I use it for one- to two-night excursions, it has plenty of room and excellent access. They make a smaller version of it as well that is a 30L, a bit smaller. I like the extras on the 35L though. Good luck picking a new pack!

  5. Question…how long are the paracord lines on the corners of your poncho?

  6. As an American with my dad being an army survival specialist, I have been raised to highly value my poncho. I will always rely in my poncho.

  7. This was such a good video I’m watching it twice

  8. Best bag is the one with no zippers.

  9. so funny i was issue this type of poncho during army , i didnt know it can be double up at a tarp , always wonder why there grommet holes , lucky i didnt have to use it , because it look stupid , now i am considering to get one since its light weight then canvas old skool , lol

  10. The Rock was a widowmaker.

  11. Cool! I was hoping that it would rain to see how this poncho holds up. Toronto Ontario Canada.

  12. I think its quite funny that during the 70s, 80s and 90s, there was a big drive to make camping and hiking gear "high-tech", primarily because of this notion that science is better than "old fashioned stuff". Then as the internet grew, people communicated directly, and the science of bushcraft evolved, there has been this great return to traditional technology that has been around for centuries. We might be making them from synthetics now, but ponchos have been around for millennia because they are cheap, versatile and effective. What could possibly go wrong with a giant sheet of material that keeps 90% of the rain off you, traps warm air, and can be used to make an improvised tent.
    Thanks for the knot info btw… I promise to try and learn it.

  13. I have a little folding MSR universal gas cannister stand, its made from pressed steel but its very light and packs away small. I also have 3 cheap thin tent pegs that I cut down to just under 4" which can hold the stand down, not always needed but if used, it never falls over. The stand, pegs, gas cannister, pocket rocket, half a scour sponge all pack away into my little stainless kettle/ pot.

  14. I use my poncho all the time to cover my crews gear on our tank when we go do field exercises. We have also made sort of a tent city stretching between tanks to keep out of the sun.

  15. Whats that seasoning called? Have you tried Kucharek, its a polish seasoning with tiny bits of all kinds of veg in it, get it at Sains and Tesc.

  16. I've used two Pancho's together works good

  17. A bungee around the waist,over the poncho,helps…????

  18. That tip for packing away the lines on the tarp is absolute gold. I just got a tarp to take out on the next trip and I remembered watching this video a long time ago and bookmarking that idea. No one else does that. Thanks for sharing mate

  19. you can't beat an oxo or bovril cube for your drink, it'll replenish your salts and has a lovely beefy flavour too

  20. I've never heard of using aromat to replenish salts? Does it taste like stuffing as I love that? Not sure about stuffing flavour drink though?

  21. Being in an enclosed tent in a storm can give you a sense of comfort but you can't beat the versatility of a tarp. Even just as a temp shelter like this. Putting a tent up to stay dry for a rest stop is just a pain. I've been using ex-military for years but in recent times have gone over to silnylon tarps & ponchos. Super waterproof but oh so light for multi-day camps.

  22. Everything you carry should have more tan one use tarp poncho is good kit to carry take care all

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