EVERY. DAY. CARRY. First EDC of 2020! New Year, New EDC.

All the COUPONS – https://llod.us/coupons

Kuhl Flannel – http://bit.ly/39yo6Ls – code LLOD saves % or free shipping – this thing is incredible, it’s more of a jacket really, than a flannel – and has jacket style pockets.
Topo Beanie – http://bit.ly/36iXM5O

2020 EDC (Every Day Carry) stuff in…


  1. Dont mention the haters they just beg for attention of any kind. Great vid ??

  2. Tacoma = terrorist vehicle

  3. Been carrying my Skeletool CX since it came out. I’ve converted a bunch of people and given a bunch away as gifts. The best thing to accompany it is the bit kit and extension.

  4. Prefer the Juice, I can’t live without the scissors, and it folds up smaller.

  5. It's funny to listen to young people thinking that they are the first generation to discover practicality.

  6. 12:54 I don't understand what you mean ,….they sell SHARPIE FINE POINTS in 2 packs and 5 packs at Walmart for a good deal.
    13:51 Vaseline stik…with scent = Chapstick … great for a multitude of uses…

    Other Uses for ChapStick are :

    ?1) Preventing blisters from forming FIRST AID ITEM
    ?2) Healing minor cuts and insect bites. …Stop Small Cuts From Bleeding FIRST AID ITEM

    ?3) Soothing a sore nose FIRST AID ITEM

    ?4) Moisten Chapped Hands and Scrapes FIRST AID ITEM

    ?5) Protect Your Skin From The Sun..be used as a sunscreen. It’s not as effective as regular sunscreen, but it will do as long as you’re not in the sun all day. Just don’t get any in your eyes! *FIRST AID ITEM

    ——————- SURVIVAL ITEM ———————————-

    ?6) Protect Your Skin From The Cold…In extremely cold weather, rub it on exposed skin to help prevent frostbite. SURVIVAL ITEM

    ?7) Making an improvised candle SURVIVAL ITEM

    ?8) Starting a fire a little cotton ball mixed with chapp stik make a fire starter. *SURVIVAL ITEM
    ?9) Reduce Glare…in a bright desert or snowy area, dip chapstick in black ashes and rub it under your eyes. This will keep you from going snowblind. SURVIVAL ITEM

    ?10) Lubricate Your Bow Drill for friction fire.. The bearing block needs to be lubricated so the spindle will spin more easily. If nothing else is available, chapstick will do. SURVIVAL ITEM

    ?11) Keep Knives From Rusting .. rub it directly onto the blade. Very helpful if you’re on the move and it’s raining. SURVIVAL ITEM

    ?12) Hide away Cash container… Take off the caps on both ends, clean it out really well, then roll up some cash and stick it in there. Great way to hide money. SURVIVAL ITEM

    ?13) Make a Tiny / mini Survival Kit .. Several little things can fit into an empty chapstick tube such as pills, a tiny compass, a q-tip (for kindling), strike-anywhere , steel wire, the tip of a pen for writing, piece of an X-Acto knife, a hook and fishing line, etc. SURVIVAL ITEM

    ————– REPAIR ITEM —————————————————-

    ⚫️14) Lubricating a broken zipper *REPAIR ITEM
    ⚫️15) Patch Holes .. any tiny holes in your poncho or tent, a little chapstick will plug it up.

    ⚫️16) Lubricate Threads..the ones on metal twist caps or outdoor light bulbs. This will prevent them from rusting.
    ⚫️17) Lubricate Tools, Screws, and Nails..Any tool with moving parts and friction can benefit from chapstick. Also, if you put it on screws and nails it will be easier to drill or hammer them into place.
    ⚫️18) Clean Glasses .. antifog = Rub a dab of chapstick all over the lens then polish with a thin cloth. This will clean the lens and keep them from fogging up.
    ⚫️19) Fixing scratched leather goods and making them shine

    —————————- MISCellenous ————————————–

    ?20) Removing a stuck ring

    ?21) *Making your perfume/cologne last longer
    ?22) Taming flyaways and static hair

  7. No shame in liking Apple 🙂

  8. call Benchmade CS, for $5.oo they'll send you a deep carry clip for the Osborne. Best upgrade to an awesome knife.

  9. Bullet proof vest . Never put your guard down after you think you got them. they could play opossum an they could bite you back. Also I see a lot of gun holsters an I wouldn’t only trust the little clips holding the gun to the belt. Also I wouldn’t trust a holster when all you have to do is pull the gun out. There should be a strap or something holding it so someone can’t just pull your gun out that easy.

  10. Hi Mike. You should ty the Kühl Revolver pants.

  11. I preordered the Boundary Supply Chase Pants off their Kickstarter and I’m waiting for them to come in. They’re a travel/work pant combo using their proprietary fabric. Would love to see you review the Vertx Delta Stretch pants for a comparison. I’m always in the market for lowkey tech pants.

  12. I carry the skeleton and the baton 2 flashlight , side not you can start a fire with the baton 2 check out my review to see how! Also clip it to a hat for head lamp

  13. Regarding your Sharpie pen replacement, Sherpa makes a pen that uses standard Sharpie markers as inserts. If markers are not your thing, these pen covers can also use ballpoint pens, highlighters, or fountain pens. from Uniball, Sherpa, and some other models. See their website for details.

  14. Keep those magnets on the other side of your mechanical watch.

  15. Dude I switch knives all the time for my EDC. Not anymore. Been carrying the skeletool since you first mentioned it, thanks!

  16. I really appreciated the note to skip ahead to the gear. I can’t convert from leatherman wave to skeleton. The leatherman wave is actually really good bottle opener. The leatherman plus is not.

  17. I think you're right that EDC is the things that you carry everyday but for me the exact items can change and still be EDC. For example, I always carry a knife on me but whereas when I'm at work out might be a PM2, it might be a slip joint on my day off. I always carry a flashlight but in the winter I'll carry a triple 18650 and in the summer a single AAA will do.

  18. your 19 is a great looking gun. nice job !!!!

  19. I bought the Skeletool because of you. But live in the city of portland. Wtf am i going to build /fix

  20. Leatherman Wave+
    Sig p365
    Extra Cell Phone
    Battery Pack

  21. Great vid. Let me suggest a Kershaw Launch 3 in OD to add to that lineup of pocket edcs.

  22. "People lost their miiiiinds… a woman can use this" Savage!

  23. Just bought one of your belts due to this video. I purchased one of the Snake Eater Tactical belts due to another one of your videos a couple years back and have been using it everyday (along with one of your rigs for my G43). Not having to take off the male end of the belt to fit it through my belt loops seems like a definite upgrade and time saver! Thanks for the good content and gear! Cheers

  24. Ares aegis kills that belt

  25. Wow… WAY too much talking for the content delivered. You definitely need a script editor.

  26. Great stuff ? I agree with you about the s2r baton 2. My other flashlights kinda got neglected since I got the s2r lol. I’m not a convert to the new minimalist wallet types yet, got me a fatty and am content for now haha.

  27. Do you make a PL Mini 2 holster for a Taurus G2C? I know I'm a poor.

  28. Hope to see you at shot show

  29. I bought the delta stretch and skeletool cx bc of you. Love both of them. ??


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