Every Day Carry | What's Changed and What Hasn't – #edcvideos

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  1. You're too big not to be comfortable carrying iwb. That's the good thing about us big guys we can conceal full size guns with no problem. Also you lose the element of surprise by carrying owb.

  2. You said paddle and didn't have a clip of Tim saying it? Lol

  3. Love the ZT knife, the pouch would be awesome if it had RFID in it. That belt seems awesome wonder if I can get it in Germany ๐Ÿคช thatโ€™s always a issue. Great review Ben thanks, as always very inspiring.

  4. Nice loadout Ben! I cant give up my leatherman CX for any other pocket carry, just love that thing. Do you rotate through any of these? Firearm, knife, etc??

  5. What jacket are you wearing? Enjoyed the update ๐Ÿ‘

  6. You'll never get a rolling boil
    With those

  7. That is cool that you carry OWB. What position do you place your firearm?

  8. You forgot the fannypack of ho-hos to maintain your pristine physique

  9. Whatโ€™s doing Ben how is things

  10. Nice load out. Pretty similar to mine. I use an American lawman Tonto by cold steel

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