Everyday Carry august 10th 2016


9 thoughts on “Everyday Carry august 10th 2016”

  1. Great video! Unique Fossile watch. Love my Streamlight microstream! Can't go wrong with the rugged simplicity. Really liked the Leatherman CX and Benchmade. The blade shape seems very versatile. Nice! Im curious if I'd like the mini grip or standard sized. Will be checking those out in the future. Where did you come across the wallet? Good job! Subbed and thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks! I actually am using my samsunge galaxy s6 it's close to my face which I guess that helps I also try to make sure I have as much light as possible . and for stores mostly amazon and then I order from individual ones here and there.

  3. really good video! I have a couple of questions for you, what camera and microphone are you using and what websites/stores do you buy your gear from. if you continue with these types of videos i have a feeling your channels going to grow fast, really nice production quality!

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