Everyday Carry during the Apocalypse – May 2020 – #edcvideos

What am I carrying with me (around the house) during the Apocalypse? (Spoiler alert: It’s basically what I’d carry ordinarily … That’s literally the point of being …


  1. I always forget to mention these things, but bag + contents weigh just under 6kg.

  2. Oh, quick update: That USB key that I didn't know what it was: It's Tails ( https://tails.boum.org/ ) … If you're feeling charitable, use Tails and Tor! Make it normal to use the strongest privacy / encryption tools even if you 'have nothing to hide' … Somebody who lives under an oppressive regime and wants to contact civilisation or who's researching / doing journalism about socially-unpalatable topics may thank you some day … anonymously.

  3. Great title for my next thriller, “The Middle Pouch.” Intrigued by EDC. However It seems like it is akin to the camel sticking his nose in the tent. Before long, you’re schlepping your favorite bath towel and other nonsense around in your backpack. Beware of mission creep!

  4. Apocalypse EDC? Where's your firearm?

  5. Unless I missed it, I never saw your review of the Panerai after your initial unboxing and I've always wondered your thoughts. Cheers!

  6. Nice! I'm also on the hunt for a Bluetooth transmitter, specifically something low latency for watching video and with at least an analog in. So if you do end up finding one you like or if anyone has a suggestion, I'm interested as well. P.S. have you done a sunglasses collection video? I'm staring to build up a little collection myself and it appears men's sunglasses collection vids hasn't quite caught on yet haha.

  7. No MRE just in case??? What was in the middle that you didn’t show?

  8. Middle compartment contains hatchet for soon to come zombie apocalypse?? Great bit of kit there, love to see various gadgets I never knew existed. Smart idea to take your own utensils and straw. Thank you for full disclosure and transparency regarding products! A rare thing these days.

  9. A bag in the house is somewhat … nerdy. I use a basket when I go lounging on the terrace, with stuff in it, but I dont keep it stocked with things.

  10. I've been following your channel for a few years now, and even though i'm far away in London, because of the way you share your personal thoughts in your videos I feel like I've got to know you a bit.
    Even though you're clearly comfortable being alone this isolation must be difficult. Anyway keep the videos coming, your YouTube family is here and watching. Take Care.

  11. Nice one! Always getting ideas for my EDC through your videos *much less in mine though. I was wondering, with all this confinement, if you had any updates on your pen collection (and separately) any thoughts on the next version of the Remarkable)….?

  12. Scorpions in the room? Welcome to Phoenix Arizona!

    Seeing your long hair I miss my mane, but unfortunately it no longer looked as healthy as it used to, so I better cut it.

    The questions that remain in the air:

    Why do you need a backpack full of EDC to roam inside your house?

    What do you keep in the side bag of the backpack that cannot be seen on YouTube? 😛

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