Everyday Carry (EDC) Pouches & Organizers For Every Budget – #edcvideos

Thank you for watching…. In this video, I share with you 13 pouches and tech organizers that I use all the time. I try to use more budget-friendly organizers however from time to time more higher-end stuff catches my eye. No reason to go broke trying to organize a backpack.

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My Gear:
1. Canvas Zippered Pouches:
2. CLC Zipper Pouches:
3. Ozark Trail Packing Cubes:
4. Luxtude Electronic Organizer:
5. BUBM Double Layer Electronic Accessories Organizer:
6. BUBM Electronic Organizer Large:
7. Thule Subterra PowerShuttle Mini:
8. Vanquest Sticky Cubes Expandable Storage Cubes:
9. DMADE BAGS Stubb Dopp Kit:
10. Yellow Birch Outfitters The Pockit Pro:
11. Go Ruck GR1 Field Pouch:
12. Recycled Firefighter “The Major” :
13. Sofirn 1000 Lumens Rechargeable LED Flashlight:
14. Spyderco Chaparral Lightweight:
15. VANQUEST Spartan Zipper Pulls (6-Pack):
16. Maxpedition Large Zipper Pulls (6 Pack):


  1. ORCA Tactical is off the radar for most these days. But they are putting out some QUALITY, AFFORDABLE Gear these days. I'm sold. Their IFAK pouches are up there with North American Rescue in my opinion.

  2. Nice pouches and awesome review. Thank you George.

  3. The best EDC pack videos on YouTube.

  4. “Bougie Back Pack Guy!” 😂🤣😂 love the video fam! You have a new subscriber! Keep up the good work!

  5. Bro! Nice spyderco caperel! I'm between that and the shaman… I am new to your channel, have you reviewed that yet?

  6. Excellent video my friend, new subscriber – so much info great info! Next time you're in Wally World, check the electronics department – specifically the camera section. You'll find a small digital camera case made by "Case Logic" (https://www.walmart.com/ip/Case-Logic-TBC-402-Medium-Camera-Case/20678992) for $9.99. I run four of them, one each for 3day Medz, Gun Cleaning, Charging, and Fix-It stuff. Also, don't overlook hard shell eyeglasses cases for small, FRAGILE items.

  7. My dad use to watch the $h*!# out of this old house. Great intro! 🤣

  8. tell me where to buy this American flag patch?! thank you!

  9. Hi George.
    This was an awesome and helpful video. I am a new subscriber and I am new to finding the right pouch and putting my first EDC together. Do you do videos on EDC Mini pouches that you recommend?

  10. The Thule Subterra Powershuttle Mini is my favorite pouch for EDC tech just because it’s not bulky and the shape and size perfectly fits where I want it in my daily carry backpack. I’m able to carry everything I need for my phone, iPad Pro and MacBook Pro in there. Mainly thanks to the new GAN chargers being so small, I’m able to fit a 65 watt charger (indiegogo backed) setup that can literally charge all three devices at the same time, with the cables I’m able to store (2x usb-c to usb-c / usb-a to usb-c / 6-in-1 incharge mini cable keychain from indiegogo). Also able to fit a Samsung T5 SSD, a small dongle (usb-c pd/usb-a3.0/hdmi/SD/microsd), Apple Pencil2, zippo lighter, Giltek Ruk 2.0, flat multitool card, pen, and a bunch of little adapters (lightning to 3.5mm/usb-c to usb-a, etc etc). Honestly, the greatest little pouch that helped me to declutter and simplify my setup.

  11. Sup my man. You check out the new Topo tech pouch yet ? It’s dopeee

  12. Sofern light is nice – but it gets very hot and then the light automatically steps the brightness down considerably. Great light on bright for 5 minutes

  13. Thanks for this video! I ordered my BUBM edc and I'm loving it. Now all my accessories are in one place; charging cables, wired earphones, battery pack and flash drives. Thanks again bro.!!!

  14. Been eying that power shuttle mini since your review! Thanks! The intros are getting 🔥 too

  15. I love my recycled firefighter pouch! It’s my small DOPP that fits anywhere. I got the small version

  16. Solid video my man. It's legit all budget levels where as some start "budget" well above what most would spend. I recommend checking out Arc Company gear. Far faster fulfillment than Yellow Birch, same materials, USA made, and for most things cheaper as well. Plus the owner is a swell dude.

  17. Check out Rickshaw Bagworks!

  18. Thanks for the video. There goes my paycheck 😒

  19. Great vid! And howdy from Kansas

  20. Great video. My favorite channel.

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