Everyday Carry Gun 2018 // Custom Glock 26

Let’s build a NEW Everyday Carry Gun 2018. Particularly the Polymer 80 PF940SC Custom Glock 26.

?Build List, Tutorial, & Coupon Codes Here
► http://bit.ly/2OCwtMk

► https://goo.gl/93zb6o

Full Glock 26 Build…


  1. The Coupon Code For the Glock 43 Slides I talked about at the end can be found at http://Facebook.com/TacticalToolbox

  2. You can also get a +5 mag extension from Shield Arms company and a +3 mag extension from Barracuda Tactical company, i have both of them for my Glock 26 Gen 5 ?

  3. Is it legal to take a serialized Glock 26 frame and have a rail milled on to it?

  4. I wonder if the lasermax fits on the p80s?

  5. whoever did the stippling owes you a refund

  6. Nice looking to build my new glock 26 too!

  7. any new upgrades for the hk9???

  8. I'm sorry but if I play another gun video and my wife hears it she will kill me haha can u tell me what mag extention that is I'm looking for a +4/5 round mag extention

  9. I think the barrel looks better flush but since it’s threaded it’s badass

  10. what was the estimated total cost of the build?

  11. Do you sell any of your custom guns?

  12. *pew*tubers … why didn’t pewdiepie think of that

  13. Total price??? I want someone to build me one!!!

  14. I got to say I love everything tactical and firearms that being said I have been injured on the job and you have helped me along the journey of the great the hobby of building my own polymer80 firearms since I have had time on my hands thank you ! Your content is helpful . Especially when I ran into that little weird spring in subcompact build ??✌️

  15. I told my wife that everyday somebody calls me sexy lol

  16. I have a pair of end cutting pliers but I like using my Milwaukee Fastback Utility knife for P80 builds. It’s really easy to just cut the rails off

  17. Can you review the Olight pl mini-2 on this build. Plz

  18. People all hyped for this, don't you realize you're losing factory reliably using all these parts. I wouldn't trust changing all these parts. Yeah it looks good but in a life and death situation, I wouldn't trust this

  19. You could just use a glock 17 mag instead of that one with the red butt and it will give you more rounds.

  20. Nice build really like it but I’m not huge on modding any gun I’m going to carry a engineer designed it with the original parts for a reason but still
    Great build cool video

  21. Is it really worth stippling a frame? I mean ever stippled firearm I’ve ever owned was a bullshit basement stipple job lol

  22. Hey man love the channel, big fan! Do you have the Blacklist Industries coupon code you mentioned on this video?

  23. You have all your p80 builds serialized?

  24. You shop a buckle don’t you?? Lol

  25. You gonna check out the PF45? Or do you think polymer 80 is loosing steam? I think they should've released the PF45 before the 940c hybrid!

  26. How do the magazine lengths with the extension compare to a Glock 19 magazine?

  27. I would love to see a G26L build.

  28. So where is the SS80 polymer build? Curious to see it done…..and if it is any good……

  29. Thanks! I'm looking at building a G26 with a dust cover long enough to have a G19 top. If you have any thoughts on that, let me know, Jon.


  30. What's a good mag extension solution for the 26 that gives a full grip while still being very concealable that doesn't make you have to alter the magazines?

  31. Can you sell me the desert tan pl-mini valkyrie? I've been trying to find one for months.

  32. I love your videos and your builds! I would love to see you work some of your magic on some Canik pistols in the future! That would be interesting and not many people are doing it. Just a thought!

  33. Approximately how much is the entire build?

  34. That's bad ass and all but i couldn't imagine building this bad boy, have to use it in a situation just for the police to take it away.

  35. Very cool build, I like all the little details then went into it , makes all the difference.!!

  36. Nomad9 frame up next????????

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