Everyday Carry Pocket Dump | What's in YOUR Pockets??? | EDC 2018

By popular demand: the 2018 update to my EDC (everyday carry). [See below for Amazon links to all the EDC gear in my everyday carry pocket dump video!] Tell me what YOUR everyday carry system looks like! What EDC knives, gear and other items do you have in YOUR pockets???

Maxpedition FTV…


  1. What does YOUR EDC (Everyday Carry) Pocket Dump look like???

  2. Minimulist wallet, neck knife, gerber paraframe 2 with ranger bead lanyard, gerber mp600 multitool, phone, spare battery for phone, thorfire flashlight, Zippo, chapstick, tactical pen. I'm a felon so I do not carry a firearm. If I could it would be a Glock 19. 2 more years I will get my rights back to carry one.

  3. You carry so much of the same
    Stuff. Way overboard on what you carry.

  4. Swiss Army Knives aren't cheap. And you call yourself budget???

  5. Wallet, Ruger and a phone. I do appreciate clean finger nails

  6. I carry a platinum credit card here in Dubai that's all I need takes up very little space if I get lost or stuck I simply call in a Bell Helicopter and I'm back home to my Palace 10 minutes.
    Okay I lied I'm up here in Canada freezing my butt off and my everyday carry includes snowshoes and a shovel and my credit card is maxed out

  7. So you carry all this in your pocket at one time?

  8. I don’t care what people say! You need a spyderco endura 4!

  9. I always carry at least 3 dildos i carry 3 just incase the other 2 get lost .

  10. I just carry a multitool, flashlight and sharpening stone.

  11. I put all my edc in one of my bedroom draws

  12. Thanks for your service in the military 🙏 respect 😇>

  13. In my pockets I keep
    1. A ULtraFire CREE Q5 torch.
    2. A Gelert multi tool.
    3. A pen.
    4. Army phone pouch.
    5. Army wallet.
    6. Blue camo bandana.
    7. Fluff.
    8. A Swiss Army knife.

  14. I am curious as to why you carry so many knives? thanks!

  15. I carry my an sog Q3 a tactical pen an Olight s10R baton 3 a gerber 06 auto drop point knife a wright in rain universal pad a traivax synch keychain a iPhone 8 Plus with a magpul case and glass screen protector a magpul daka everyday wallet a Apple Watch Nike edition 3 my wingspan worth of 550 cord a microfiber cloth air pods and for my ccw I carry a Glock 19 gen 4 with a gen 5 barrel and a magpul mag as well as a back up mag on a kaydax holster

  16. I carry 2 fixed blades small and medium-sized….flash light and latherman wave and I keep it all on my Banda on my side table

  17. Thanks for videos!

    My edc:

    CRKT Squid
    Fisher space pen chrome
    Moleskin small notebook
    Gerber Dime
    Brown leather wallet
    Key smart for work keys
    iPhone Se with a Survivor case

  18. Hello i need a good multi tool can you help me in getting one to the Gambia

  19. You should consider a tourniquet too. I daily carry a rats tq with readyman sleeve. Fits nicely in a jean pocket.

  20. whoa! Have ever used all those knives? Its your choice. Must hard trying to keep track and pocketing all that gear everyday.

  21. I'm a folding knife kind of guy but I need that Bradford guardian 3!

  22. I have a small boo boo kit with me. Old folks scratch a bleed and I have learned to keep blood clotting band aids and patches also nag with a pack of CELOX almost mandatory. Molon Labe!

  23. Yes, I do a avoid the bandwagon and groupthink crowds like the plague but if I like the product regardless of what others think about it, then I'm satisfied… even if I'm the only one using the item(s). Really appreciate you sharing what you do for EDC and I know it upset some people with what you carry and don't carry which I personally think those kind folks should chill out and take an objective look at different EDC options that are around, without the wackiness of going nuclear when others don't conform to their standards. Too each there own and I fully live by that saying. My father served in the USAF when I was growing up and I miss that lifestyle to this very day. Lived on: Eglin, Holloman and Tinker AF Bases. Thank you for your service and May God Bless You and America!

  24. 11B here. When in uniform I carry my wallet, phone, ball point pen, map marker/map marker eraser, notebook, micrometer, PM2, O-light, keys, lighter and whatever watch I feel like wearing that day (usually a good rugged Casio or SKX). When I'm not on duty I just carry my wallet, phone, knife, pen, and keys.

  25. where did you find the red Bic lighter? silly question i know but love it.

  26. You are my favorite you tuber

  27. iPhone 6, glock 19, g-shock watch, bic lighter..leatherman wave and spare flashlight in a leatherman pouch on my belt..keeps the bulk out of my pockets. Crkt M21-14SFG, Bushnell 100 lumen flashlight, hank, and a Trayvax Axis wallet.

  28. I say EDC whatever works for you.

  29. Spyderco Delica 4, Leatherman Skeletool, OLight EOS, Chapstick, iPhone 8, Ridge Wallet, and most of the time S&W M&P Shield 9mm.

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