Everyday Carry: Simplified and Minimalist

In this video, the content creator shares their essential everyday carry for 2023. They provide a list of items that they consider to be crucial for their daily routine, including:

Apple Watch Ultra: The creator notes that this is not yet available on the market but anticipates that it will be released soon.

iPhone 13 Pro: The newest iPhone with improved camera features and battery life.

iPhone MagSafe Golden Brown Leather Case: A protective case with a stylish design.

• Apple MagSafe Golden Brown Leather Wallet with Find My: A wallet that can be attached to the back of the iPhone case for convenience and security.

• Keys: The creator emphasizes the importance of always having one’s keys on hand.

• Bible Mem Project: This is a personal project developed by the creator to memorize verses from the Bible.

• Melin Hat: A stylish and durable hat to protect from the sun.

• Bonus Items: Additional items include a pen, notebook, and wireless earbuds.

The creator encourages viewers to sign up for their newsletter for more content and free downloadable resources on their website. They also provide links to their social media accounts for anyone interested in following their journey.

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  1. How's 2023 treating you so far?

  2. Finally got to watch this haha super cute dog man makes me want one even more than I already did haha

    Really cool EDC and yeh the footage looks sick on the new Fuji ?

  3. My EDC is very similar Pixel Watch, Pixel 7 Pro (left pocket), Secrid wallet and key ring (right pocket).

  4. i rock the nomad natural leather for my 13 pro please do a vid on leather case and the wallet i got the saddle brown too

  5. Phone in your right pocket kinda guy, eh???

    Solid stuff man. Really dig the simple EDC. Right there with ya dude.

  6. It looks like you’re in a really cool fancy new location let us in on your secret?

  7. Haha, such a nice photobomber you got there ❤️

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