Everyday Carry Update Spring 2020 I What's In My Pockets? – #edcvideos

Some things have changed, others have stayed the same. How does your EDC change from winter to spring time? Follow Me on Instagram: …


  1. How do I get the wallet am in uk

  2. U must add a facemask and tiny hand sanitizer bottle in Ur EDC now! It's Dead or Alive matter in current situation!

  3. Nice edc. What knife would you recomand me under 100€?

  4. Tell your girlfriend to fuck off about telling you how you spend your damn money

  5. S&W 380 6 RIP Guaranteed hours and hours on the table.

  6. Congratulations dick head on promoting knife violence. You total prick.

  7. Servus. Fantastischer Inhalt. Bildqualität und Schnitt sind super. Wenn du kontinuierlich so weitermachst, wird das hier Mal was ganz großes 👍🏻

  8. You should checkout "Snap Wallet" or "Side Snap Wallet" from Atelier Pall. Posting EU to EU so there is no tax/duty:

  9. What is your dream watch? The grail watch?

  10. Nice work – as always TT. Having a flashlight suited for the season, and the clothing that comes with it, is a great tip. A "knife without borders," very innovative. We have our own state-specific carry issues in the states. Your continental perspective is always refreshing.

  11. A wallet video would be great, I've got the Hitch and Timber Runt 2.0 but I went back to a traditional bifold because I tend to carry more cards. How do you like yours? Is there an American maker you're paticularly fond of? Great video as always

  12. Does anyone happen to know of any watches that are good for extreme cold weather? From -20° to 30°f. Need one for work

  13. You should checkout Speakeasy leather in Philadelphia, USA. They have a wallet like the one you have but in excellent leathers and craftsmanship. They have a website and a Instagram account.

  14. Is that zipper wallet is "Heritage" one? Didn't work out?

  15. Ich bin mir nicht sicher, aber ich glaube du verstehst deutsch. Als Geldbeutel würde ich dir den tauruscamp Base wallet von etsy empfehlen. Er ist handgefertigt, sieht deinem aktuellen Favoriten ähnlich, hat Münzfach, Scheinfach und zwei Kartenfächer. Da es full grain Leder ist hält er sich auch bei mir schon lang👍

  16. I’m surprised you have a lionsteel in your pocket and not the small Sebenza 21 insingo. How often do you change the straps on your Sinn?

  17. Very relaxing video 👌

  18. You can buy the Trayvax link from the UK, & not have import fees. Nice gear as always, recently sold my Omega Seamaster & TAG Aquaracer & seriously thinking of the Sinn. I look forward to your review of the Sinn.

  19. would love to see your wallet and knife collections!

  20. Tobis, your blessed to have a smart and frugal girlfriend. Listen intently so you don’t spend all that lawyer money. Keep the content coming, I enjoy!

  21. The trayvax link is very very good but also very expensive.

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