Everyday Carry With J Fig

Next up on EDC, Ashley sat down with JFig, aka @rule_of_thumbs, to discuss his go-to EDC items. Thanks to Jose for joining us for this video!

Extra special thanks to one of my favorite watch brands of all time, IWC, for sponsoring this video and hosting us!

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25 thoughts on “Everyday Carry With J Fig”

  1. What happened to no backpacks with a blazer or a suit? Shouldn’t you have mentioned it to Jose? Or is it fashionable now if you choose the right backpack? Not being critical, I would really love to know if some backpacks are acceptable with suits

  2. I value and respect your opinion and follow your advice implicitly as I’m aware you are not guided by endorsements money but by integrity. That being said, please continue making videos with Dorian and forgo these. I find these guys somewhat : boring:

  3. I liked where you were taking the channel when you started making videos about the books that every man should read. That was more complementary to a man’s style. That’s the kind of videos I want to watch, the kind that makes you feel like you’re improving yourself.
    These new series feel a bit too shallow for me.

  4. Oh my flipping gosh, I love it. This is how you make your day as styled as possible. And it shows, he looks amazing. I just feel inspired to get it together more, keep a more organized bag and keep my look optimal all day. Thanks!

  5. No knife? No wallet or money clip? No key organization carry systen? No pen? No multitools even in his bag? Not even a watch on his wrists. That isnt EDC. This is a bag check. I dont know why i even bother to watch these the last 2 were the same and this one is no different.

    Oh something broke on my camera damn if only i had a tool to fix it in the field my whole day of shooting may not be lost. Seriously a multitool in whats basically a glorified camera bag might just be a smart idea.

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