Gerber Sedulo: Exclusive American-Made EDC Knife – #edcvideos

As a distinguished member of Gerber Reserve, the Sedulo is only available for purchase on

Built for everyday utility, the Sedulo is equipped with an S30V steel blade with full plain edge and panel grind. When not in use, the Sedulo slips out of sight with a deep carry pocket clip. The lanyard hold offers a secondary carry or security option.

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  1. Griptillian handle with a Bugout blade, even copied the lock. Stay classy Gerber

  2. I’m assuming since the handle material is no where to be found on any site or write ups that it’s plastic? Don’t build up the line with “exceptional build materials” then use plastic for the handles but keep it hush hush lol.

  3. USA companies now rip off nearly identical designs from other USA makers now. Pretty sad times.

  4. 45 seconds …. brand of pants?

  5. Just like any other knife. It cuts stuff.

  6. Honest question: What's the difference between the pivot lock and axis lock? Thanks!

  7. Is anyone else having trouble ordered from the Gerber website?

  8. You guys made a griptillian…

  9. Cant wait for the NutnFancy review of this compared to the Bugout

  10. What an awful was to show off a deep carry clip😂😂 it’s not even all the way in the pocket😂😂

  11. Thats a benchmade with a Gerber logo!

  12. Is this a joke????? (Cough, cough, bugout rip off!!).

  13. I bought the Gerber decree it was a piece of junk American made yet still poorly made

  14. It looks like if a griptilian and a bug out had a baby

  15. Sweet. You need to get some out to the bigger knife review guys. Nothing on Utube at all except this video.

  16. Try doing some original designing Gerber. Nice lock ffs

  17. All these Benchmade fanboys need to look at other things than a butterfly. I, for one, am happy that Gerber is righting the ship and making more quality products. Plus, more products out of the Portland factory is never a bad thing.

  18. muito bom seus vídeos meu amigo

  19. Its 3.6 oz to 1.8 oz against the bugout. How are these knives even comparable? If you want a more robust version of the bugout this is the way to go, but I like the bugout because its so light and you cant feel it when you go jogging

  20. Thank God its not assisted or 420 steel. I'll pick one up when available

  21. “Get a Grip…..tillian….”

  22. Is that Philip Seymour Hoffman? I thought he died?

  23. Coming hard at Benchmade like it wants to be a Bugout. Too bad it's got a weird name that no one will remember.

    Sedulo? What does that even mean?

  24. cool can i get that with a beed blasted blade and black oxide over it

  25. Ok..u invented…a Benchmade. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  26. Nice to see gerber selling Bugouts now.

  27. Seeing this actually makes me kinda regret buying the bug out. This is cheaper than the bug out, has the same steel, and maybe better handles (I have to say maybe because it doesn’t say anywhere in this video or on the website what material it is). Even if it g10 the cheapest way to get a g10 bugout is to buy the knife for $130 and a pair of flytanium scales for $40. That $60 more than this knife even though they are both made from similar components in the same state in the US. The bug out is good but that laser etched butterfly on the blade is getting pretty expensive.

  28. What is the handle material?!

  29. this bugout looks alil funky

  30. When does benchmade sue that looks exactly like the bug out

  31. Oh yes, without holding it in my hand, seems this cool iron will be my next Gerber after "The Order" and "Fastball"! 👍🏻 Just a thought, it could be an option to make some with D2 steel and Micarta handles, too. Also a nice video guys! By the way, what does the name stand for, what's the meaning? Thank you Gerber for making my wallet thinner again. 😄

  32. Yo that knife looks slick….I might have to get one.

  33. I'd like to see Gators with orange handles available in the states. Perhaps other colors as well.

  34. what is the handle materiel

  35. What are the scales made from?

  36. Hell yeah I’d EDC this knife

  37. Looking forward to testing it out!! 👍👍

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