Graphique Note to Self Fashion Pen, 5.5″ Refillable Black Ink Ballpoint Pen – #everydaycarry

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Everyday writing utensils get a designer makeover in our fashion pens! Our Note to Self Fashion Pen fuses function and fashion providing that extra ounce of creativity to stay focused and motivated throughout the day.STYLISH: This beautiful ballpoint pen by Graphique is decorated with a mix of colorful polka dots and a fun “note to self” message. The pen is expertly crafted with a gold finish on the clip, tip, and middle ring.
EXPRESSIVE: This deluxe pen comes pre-packaged in a darling matching 2.125″ x 7.125″ x 1″ gift box. This pen doesn’t simply store well, it presents well, too!
PERFECT GIFT: This pen is an excellent gift for that special writer friend or relative to remember you by. Thanks to Graphique’s smart packaging, you only need to wrap the box! Great for holidays, birthdays, graduations, or a random appreciative gesture.
GREAT DESIGN: This product is an excellent example of Graphique’s commitment to savvy design and pleasant experiences. The clicky-top’s sharp snap is testament to the durability of the pen’s spring mechanism.
UNIQUE: Graphique products are pleasant to hold, a delight to use, and a great alternative to the drab, everyday items we find ourselves using every day.

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