How Do You Define A "Budget" Knife? – #edcvideos

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  1. Budget Spyderco is an oxymoron. But I agree with your point on price. Some knife channel guys consider anything under $100 budget. Sure, when you get knives for free and use patreon money to acquire knives, it's probably easy to see $60 knives as budget – it's within the budget of their YouTube channel.

  2. I agree with you that $100 is not a budget knife. What is really great now, is that you can get quality in the 30-60 dollar range.That's low to high budget range for me. Chinese manufacturers have stepped up their game and offer knives with great materials and good budget steel. CRKT, Boker, Gerber and Kershaw need to step up their game. I don't like the clone knives coming out of China but the legitimate ones designing their own knives are really nice.

  3. My personal opinion is that budget stops at $50 over that it becomes mid range up to about$100 anything from there to about$200 is high end and over $200 for me is just plain expensive and knives that I probably won't get for a while. Great topic and cool discussion

  4. A budget knife (to me) would have to be between $20 and $50….but what I purchase depends on what I want…..if I see a blade shape, style, or design that I really like but it's a tad more expensive, I'll forego purchasing it until I've saved up enough to make my budget bigger….it's all about what I can afford at the time of the purchase.

    But I'm fairly new to the knife world and buy knives based on what's pretty… take my comment with however much salt you want 🙂

  5. At the end of the day all modern pocket knives are trash and junk it doesn't matter if they're made out of G10 or any exotic steel
    ……the problem is in the construction
    ….. either use those sex bolts or these super tiny little screws
    …..that barely have two or three threads and they all screw into the frames
    ….. and then they have those little piece of junk spacers in there
    …..all that stainless steel the tiny screws the tap holes it's all trash
    ….. if you want a really good knife construction you need the bolt to go all the way through with a nut on the other end like a Nylock nut or you need like a hammered in pin that's hammered from both ends and it's Hammer tight up against the space so you don't want to rely on tiny little screws that are backing out falling apart and your $100 knife is a piece of trash.
    …… decades ago someone out of China decided that knives that are screwed together like a little mechanical construction was the way to go and then everybody follow down the same road but it was a big mistake these knives will never hold up even if $500 or $1,000 knife will never hold up under Bushcraft or survival situations getting thrown around hitting rocks getting smashed in your pocket or smashed in your backpack you need to have better Construction in the entire industry they need to go back to hammering in a pin or bolted through construction or even welded

  6. For me a budget knife is $50 in below

  7. Nice perspectives to consider as we have grown from Gerber baby food to full-blown Shirogorov steak knives….Yeah…actually I have really been looking at my whole knife obsession/collection lately… I am thinking of selling most of mine off and coming back to a more simple, realistic outlook on knives… knowledge would tell me…now…many $50 knives have 80% of what my $900 knives have, because low-end knives have become so good if you choose wisely. I would say that some of my Civivi knives would be some of my favorite budget knives…but my perspective for budget would be sub-$100 dollar knives…which of course, when I was eating Gerber baby food..I thought was an absurd amount of money to spend on a knife. It’s complicated! 😮😂

  8. Im only able to skim the video at the moment, so forgive me if I'm just repeating anything that was said and I missed.

    To me, budget is much more about materials than any actual price point. Obviously steels, but because most every steel has advantages and disadvantages when compared to other steels, I'm talking more about FRN vs G10 or CF. Steel liners vs Titanium. Milling vs plain, solid slabs… Things like that.

    In a "picture paints a thousand words" type thing, I think early Civivi is a great example of my view of budget. Before Civivi had the extensive lineup it does now, and basically just existed to release WE knives in downmarket materials, that was textbook budget to me.

    Most importantly, budget should have absolutely no bearing on functionality or quality. A budget knife should be able to do all the work a premium knife can do, for just as long.

    Saying "budget knives can't be over $X" is kinda ignorant to me, because so many factors go into the prices we see on shelves, and there will ALWAYS be a cheaper knife. If you're of that mindset, where cheap = budget, then I feel like you'd be obligated to say something like MTECH is the king of budget which is patently not true.

    Why can't something like cold steels 4Max Scout be considered budget, but cost over $100? They're made with downmarket materials, and sold for a third of the price of the premium version. That's exactly the definition of budget, to me.

  9. I never looked at it like that. I really liked the video. Definately got me thinking. I think the non knife person probably would top out at 30. They don't really care about steel, scales, action all they want is it open closes and cuts what they want. I remember the first time I walked into a case store and left going what idiot would pay 70 bucks for a pocket knife. Not long after that I got into fixed blades and learned some about steel grinds etc and was buying LT Wright and Bark River knives. Still thought folders should not exceed 20. Then I transitioned to folders and now some traditionals. At each step I thought the next one was to high. I would say now budget where I am at is 50 & under. Traditional knives 30 and under and probably 20.
    Till I got into each area of edged items I thought over 20 better have real gold handles. Now I have a different view.

  10. I agree with 30 or less being budget. Sanrenmu, ganzo, land, Rat 1 in Aus 8, Ruike, rough ryder etc. There are "less expensive" versions of certain knives like the Manix 2 lightweight but these are not Budget Knives. I don't consider a 50 dollar bestech to be a budget knife. It's not that I lack money, it's that I define the word Budget differently. If I can't buy a knife, or 2-3 at once for cheap…it isn't budget.

  11. Budget is really kinda hard to gauge. For me a budget knife is $50 or under. That's fifty bucks OTD (including tax, shipping), 50 is the cut off for me.
    What yanks my chain is blade steel. Yes, we all know the mantra, heat treat etc. But you get D2 from China, no idea what the HRC is and no idea if the heat treat was done correctly or not. So, you could pay $100 for a D2 Chinese knife and it's not as good as say a $30 Kershaw with 14C28N, it happens. Look at the first Benchmade Bailout with V3 done incorrectly and was soft. So, is price really a good measurement? Inquiring minds want to know.

  12. I call the Norad, I likey. 😍 I think you have come up to at least $50.

  13. I think budget is $50 or less. But that’s me. For 50.00 I would feel free to beat the crap outta the knife. But all my knifes are worker blades even my $450 Winkler 😂

  14. I definitely don’t feel like a 100 dollar knife is a budget knife. I also feel like if I spend 100 bucks on a knife it should have at least s30 as the blade steel and the fit and finish should be good. You’re on par with a budget knife being 30 bucks or less maybe for the knife community.

  15. Great video! I say $50 is top of the budget range.

  16. Budget knife- if I buy it after I’ve had a few beers, but I don’t return it if I don’t like it.

  17. I think you are right in your observation that the definition “budget knife” seems to include an ever-increasing price that is becoming unreasonable. No matter how high the value is, the price has to be low to be a budget knife. A lot of you tubers are now calling $80 or $100 knives “budget knives”, and I just don’t think that’s reasonable. I’m fine with a $30 or $50 limit for a “budget knife”, but much more than that starts to be mid-tier in terms of pricing. I wouldn’t consider my Griptilian or my Native 5 lightweight budget knives by any stretch. However, if someone is used to semi-customs and full titanium, then they will probably be tempted to see $100 as low-budget. I just don’t think that most folks connect with that. $100 is a lot of money to be spending on an extra knife.

  18. Well I think we all have different budgets. But I agree budget for me would be price vs materials. It's usually a lower price due to less expensive materials. But now a days you can get some really nice materials for a good price. Favorite budget knife for me is the Rat 2 in D2. 37$ is hard to beat. 🤙🏼Nice video man.

  19. lt also depends on where you live too. We can't get any deals on Civivi up here. There is only one distributor and they all sell at full MSRP in Cdn dollars. Everything else is usually up 30% because of the dollar exchange.

    l wanted a Damascus Backlash. WMK sells them for $70USD. Up here they want a $150CDN.

  20. Blade HQ is bonkers for thinking an $100 is a budget knife. For me, I consider anything under $50, a budget knife. Great video once again JT.

  21. A budget knife is not $100. No way….3 knives for a hundred….now we're talking. Got a kershaw copper natrix for 50 when it first come out…copper scales and d2 steel. Not really too budget. I store that particular kershaw next to spyderco MKM and Benchmades in my case.

  22. Budget around $40-$45 and under. BladeHQ is raising the bar on what is budget, absolutely wrong and unethical. Take an OKC Rat1, a Civivi Baklash, a Cold Steel Finn Wolf or a QSP Penguin and you got your examples for budget. Great vid and topic.👍😊

  23. EDIT: yeah… manix2 lw isn't really budget by any stretch of the imagination still

    its really contextual, I feel. A mid range knife might be $50+, but a mid range balisong? easily $100+ to $300. So I feel it's not too unreasonable to call a $100 Spyderco a "budget" Spyderco, as you are in the context of Spydercos, typically more expensive knives. So yes the Manix2 LW isn't a budget knife, it's a budget Spyderco. Your scale of what price is reasonable should be dependent on context.

  24. I agree with you budget is $30. But remember non knife people are not ordering knives from Blade HQ they might order from Amazon or buy in Walmart Bass Pro or a sporting goods store

  25. I would say $50 is the absolute cutoff for “budget”. I totally agree, and have said it to several people, that $30-ish is the legitimate “budget” price. Most of the stuff I look at these days tends to be in the $50-$100 range and I usually refer to them as “mid-grade”. Which then leads to $100-200 as high end and over $200 as premium…BUT it’s all relative to your experience in the hobby and your cash flow, I think.

  26. 100 dollars as a budget knife? That's crazy! For budget knives, I want to pick them up for no more than 40 dollars. My favorite budget knives right now, are going to be ganzos.

  27. I like your distinction between "budget" and "economy." Budget is about the price, plain and simple. I think the $50-60 range is about "value" not price.

    The oldest budget knife I have is CRKT Drifter which is a knife I still like. Recently, the Civivi slipjoint from a couple of months back is pretty good

  28. This topic is extremely subjective and is individual based! I consider $50 and under to be budget! Now a few years ago, I probably would have agreed with your $30 level. People's individual situations change either for the better and sometimes for worse. Anything over $100 has never been "budget" to me. Might be for some that are very fortunate.

  29. When I first got back into knives, I bought a 20.00 knife. I wasn't impressed at all and returned it the next day. A budget knife for me is 20-40. My next couple knives were the Skyline and Dividend, which I still have.

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