January 2020 Pocket Dump : EDC : What I carry everyday : CCW : John Wick Coin

This week I wanted to do a Pocket Dump of what I currently carry every day. These items are my staples I always have with me, and when needed I also carry my Vertex EDC bag. These are items I carry along with my items for Concealed Carry.

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Alien Gear Holsters: …


  1. Looks like a nice EDC set up. Here in Massachusetts I could not carry a gun in a bag because our law states that the gun has to be in contact with your body so having a bag that could be set down would have me in violation of our laws. But I can have 20 guns with me as long as they're all touching me LOL. Thanks for sharing brother.

  2. You have some nice useful supplies.

  3. Good looking vest. I like the Glock 43.

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