Knives and EDC Gear From Blade Show 2019

Here’s what I came home with from Blade Show 2019:
– Guardian Tactical Recon 035 OTF
– Koch Tools Wasp OD Canvas Micarta
– Koch Tools OD Micarta Ball Nose Bead
– Olight S1R Baton II Winter… 73688

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  1. My WESN t1 micro I just picked up has suuuuper good lock up. Considering purchasing the Allman (why I’m here). Hard to find many videos on it

  2. Why do I have to be so broke X(

  3. What was that folding knife that also had a folding pry bar(?) ?

  4. Ok I just became aware of a few things that I want. Thx for this

  5. I love my GT Recon-035, my first OTF as well! Just got mine around a month ago.

  6. Love the update to the buck 110. Slimmer profile, scales, everything. Really like to see them take a modern approach on a beloved classic.

  7. Great update video from your time at the show! What knife was Talon using?? Keep up the good work!

  8. Does that titanium pry bar hold up well? I know titanium can be pretty flexable

  9. Your videos are hot garbage!

  10. You remind me of my buddy Andy Rice and he's cooler than me!!!!

  11. Hey dude, you seem like a nice guy. Your close up angles need to actually show the knives and the profiles. You're playing around with them but it's hard to see what the item looks like especially if it's small. Show the damn thing! Much love. From a first time watcher.

  12. One of my favorite youtubers. Awesome video of edc gears.

  13. What is the knife at 43 seconds into the video?

  14. Dear YouTube, why did you bring me here?…oh wait…you're right…this video does have everything I hope for in an intro song

  15. Hey Taylor, haven’t been keeping up w all your new watches. What’s on your wrist??

  16. God!!!!!!!! Damn!!!!!!!! Love the music under the knifes ….straight80 early 90s vibes … respect ✊

  17. Congrats on the growth of Best Damn EDC! I’ve really been liking your content. For the Worksharp party favor tool, you could put a dot of super glue or JB weld in the hex driver hole to give the bits more hold 😁👍 thanks for your content and I’m glad your time at Blade was good!

  18. I remember your old channel and how awesome that was, then finding out you were a gear junkie! that was awesome

  19. I'm in Canada so I can't have otfs so I try not to look at them out of jealousy. But that looks so good in battle worn way better than the other guardian tactical. A real user the wear will blend in and add to it. I can't believe how good it looks. It's the rat rod of knives and I wouldn't be afraid to use it. Stupid knife laws I need this knife.

  20. what specific model is he holding at 1:59 ?

  21. The quick release key chain thing!! Please excuse me for not finding the links but I wanted more info on that item. Great name too! My father, brother, nephew, and great grandfather share your first name. ✌🏾

  22. Is it bad that i think the Sebenza is way over priced for what it is and i’m more than a lil tired of people worshipping it. Lol

  23. What knife is that at 2:17. Been looking to get a nice damascus steel blade.

  24. Hah – That's me with the orange bag in your intro! Blade show was cool – my first one.

  25. O.42 secs, what was that? I couldn't get a good enough look at it.
    Anyone know?

  26. i also have that exact buck 110. where can i get a more low key clip? loved the video

  27. 200 dollars for the small knife 😫😫

  28. Wish i could have gone, i live in Seattle, Washington so Atlanta is pretty far away. Looks like you got a couple thousand more subs though, so good job man!

  29. Love the music choice.

  30. Great Coverage On The Knife Show. I Have Never Been But I Can Imagine It's Like A Real Circus Not In A Bad Way. I Am Sure There Were Way Too Many Things To See In 3 Days. I Have Been Watching Your Chanel For A While Now. Question How Do I Submit My EDC To You I Have Just Received My Last Part Of My EDC For A While…

  31. Do an episode on lanyards and knot tying

  32. Fantastic vid… I'm lightweight hype to learn about your edc channel. You need to get Michael Fisher hip to the knife game.

  33. I have a question for anyone that might know. Is There a pocket or small knife sharpener that has been made with raised part. That You can lay the knife blade on and not have to move off the angle raised part. Wile You are moveing the knife to sharpen it. As I just can not keep or for that matter know what the angle would be. With out the angle raised parts. I hope this makes sense to someone out there. Thanks.

  34. I love the 80s Music Starting music. I do not know if it is 80s music but it has that sound. Love it.

  35. Yo the od buck is amazing! Its like my dads buck but modern!

  36. ReloadWrap is submitting an electronic business card here…….

  37. I LOVE the allman still cant decide between the leatherman p4 or the allman

  38. Something about the music in the into made me think of an 80's montage scene lol

  39. I have two Hellbent Holsters wallets. Black Carbon Fiber w/ We The People money clip and a Red Carbon .Fiber w/ Don't Tread On Me money Clip. Been using their wallets for over a year. Best wallet I have ever used.

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