Knives and EDC Gear From Blade Show 2019

Here’s what I came home with from Blade Show 2019:
– Guardian Tactical Recon 035 OTF
– Koch Tools Wasp OD Canvas Micarta
– Koch Tools OD Micarta Ball Nose Bead
– Olight S1R Baton II Winter… 14252

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  1. Yo the od buck is amazing! Its like my dads buck but modern!

  2. ReloadWrap is submitting an electronic business card here…….

  3. I LOVE the allman still cant decide between the leatherman p4 or the allman

  4. Something about the music in the into made me think of an 80's montage scene lol

  5. I have two Hellbent Holsters wallets. Black Carbon Fiber w/ We The People money clip and a Red Carbon .Fiber w/ Don't Tread On Me money Clip. Been using their wallets for over a year. Best wallet I have ever used.

  6. what a great intro, reminded me of 80s action movie montage haha

  7. Great video! Lost of great info, I'm looking forward to the Benchmade Egde maintenance to come out. Thx for the info!

  8. I'm seeing a lot of quick release stuff too lately! Nice haul!!

  9. Do you guys know of any show like this in Europe?

  10. Good day Taylor. I've be a fan of your show for a while now. Could you please do an EDC for an English teacher, teaching abroad. The phone, watch and wallet are pretty easy. It's the other stuff that becomes a problem. Please assist.
    Riaz (currently in South Africa)

  11. What! You don't know your Dice!? Goodness what kind of channel are you running here…..

  12. How do you do your lanyard wraps? And how do you choose different styles for different knives??

  13. Can anyone suggest a non metal cool weapon knife I can insert in the pokit pro modern carry wallet? I'm lookin for something self defense doesnt get picked up metal detector?

  14. Bahaha that 80th music bro! Great slomo intro. Verry good video dude!

  15. At 0:41 what company is that display from. I am mostly interested in all those utility knives.
    Also great video sounds and looks like you made some good connections.

  16. Very nice score. I want a guardian tactical myself. The knife pivot lube lives up to the hype trust me. That Winkler, you lucky dog! I have their belt knife and the tactical pick (walker spike). Winkler is a legend! 👊🏼

  17. What watch are you wearing in this video?

  18. damn, taytay, another great video . . . when played at x2 speed

  19. The KPL original is awesome. If your knife pivot is dirty the KPL will actually move it away from the action. I used it on my anthem and it has never been smoother. I'm basically using bluelube for standard maintenance and KPL when the knife action is getting grotty

  20. I really hope we can make there next year we would love to meet you! Soon we are going to send in a couples pocket dump.

  21. Also awsome video your channel

  22. Discord gang yee yee!

  23. This channel started my knife obsession! Started at a Para3, Reatenknives, now Chaves USA made!👍🏽

  24. I wish I was able to go! Glad you had a good time man! Hope you’ve been well.

  25. Dude what a good track!!!!

  26. Where is blade show held every year 🤔⁉.

  27. Great job Taylor, nothing but love man!

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