Marine Corps Everyday Carry Items and Pocket Dump HD

A US Marine lists essential Everyday Carry gear items carried on him, and in his #edc backpack for daily civilian life and emergency preparedness. Please SUBSCRIBE to Survival Bros on YouTube. We appreciate your comments! Share this HD video with friends. #Marines #usmc Follow link:…


  1. As a Army veteran, I was gonna say a funny poking Joke to my Marine brother, then I read what happened to him. R.i.P. brother!………I hope you do a video honoring this man and telling his story.

  2. Semper Fi Marine im a 8 year Marine Corps Veteran!

  3. I like his EDC… My shit is pretty simple myself… I watch these EDC videos and you would have to have a hiking bag for all this shit… No way you carry this only you every day. Not to mention he's a marine and you dont need to carry that many items.

  4. No condoms , no marine !!!!!

  5. Does anyone know which model the maxpedition bag is? I cant find it 🙁

  6. Where tf are the crayons!!??

  7. What kind of watch did he have? I couldn't make out the name

  8. I bet his pockets are heavy

  9. Best edc video ok youtube <3 we need more videos of this bro .. some tips and tricks . Survival..

  10. Wish I could. Find an original Mil. Compass.

  11. Damn this dude acts like the zombie apocalypse is happening

  12. U can also use that fancy chapstick as a improvised fire starter too! Cool, practical, gear!!

  13. that is a lot for everyday carry

  14. That's a really good EDC combination, especially the on body carry items.

  15. Any idea where I can get that exact med kit?

  16. My girl bought me a glock :p lol

  17. My next phone will probably be a CAT phone because ive cracked every screen no matter what glass protection or case my EDCs have even chipped one. I too am horrible with phones.

  18. What is a Glock 23 40 Smith & Wesson?????

  19. 5:00 I thought it was a g19 what everyone carry’s love how it’s a 23 and a 40 ! Ima get that gun soon

  20. I have the Suunto traverse alpha but that watch is badass as well

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