MASSDROP GENT Review everyday carry perfection – #edcvideos

Drop formerly known as massdrop made a show stopper of a knife back in 2019! a liner lock with thick titanium liners, g10 scales and an s35vn blade everything …


  1. Great review. It is a well made, super classy knife no doubt, but just too small. The first impression when I unboxed it was "Wow, this is a tiny little knife."

    Carried it a few times, kept it in a drawer for a few weeks, then sold it.

  2. Great review once again my friend 💪👊

  3. That is one classy looking knife, Carlos! 🙌🏽 Thanks so much for the stellar review. I guess it’s time to add another knife to my wishlist. 😳

  4. Hey sir new friend like + sub stay connected

  5. Classy Gent''s carry. Beautiful knife. Great video , as allways man. Thank you so much for sharing !! Have a great week brother !! 👍👊 👍Love the hank !!

  6. Good review bro, the clip is my favorite and least favorite thing about that knife haha, I think its ugly when it's not in the pocket but when it's in the pocket I like how it looks like a pen

  7. That's a good looking knife!

  8. Very classy, great review.

  9. Loving the pinky not having an exact home! Thanks for sharing your review and the cut tests! I see what you’re saying on the $80 price tag being bumped up.

  10. “Clipped it in my pocket just felt classy as eff” lmaoo 😂👊🏽

  11. Nice review bro! I totally love mine it’s such a smooth knife! Super classy too. 👍🏼

  12. I like the classy look of that knife. Great review 👍

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