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  2. I found something huge on beta 14 v4 on an ipad mini 4. If you drag an app to the end of the home screen and then farther, a warning says welcome to the app library and a blank screen shows up that looks like a place where the app library would go. You can only access it while in edit mode. Can someone get a screen recording of this?

  3. My carry today…
    iPhone XSmax in a speck case
    iPad Pro 11” 2020 256G with magic keyboard and Moko sleeve
    AirPods Pro
    40mm Apple Watch 5
    Ray Ban P 2132 sunglasses
    Osgood Marley bifold leather rfid wallet
    Glock 43 with NSR appendix holster
    Microtech Dirac OTF knife
    Olight i1R EOS rechargeable keychain light not the keys.

  4. Fernando I have a question❗️Do you know of anyone who makes a protective secure sleeve for the Apple Pencil that would attachable to the Magic Keyboard❓I think 🤔 it would be fantastic to have something magnetic 🧲 or even adhesive that you could attach and keep the Pencil ✏️ secure❗️👍🔏

  5. Didn't know you were a hype beast Man 😏

  6. You need a new wallet….so 2008

  7. Pitaka case….. Or the later case 😂

  8. Hello Fernando, great video as always!! I love your energy in every video that you do.
    Secondly, i just bought the magic keyboard for my iPad Pro 11 inch and would like to know were did you bought that protection for the keys?
    Keep up the great videos 🙂

  9. Is it just me that the vid is way slower than the sound? especially in the beginning

  10. I don’t go anywhere without my phone my iPad, or my watch

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